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Can anxiety really do all of this?


Hi everyone.. I've been feeling so sick lately and been told by many doctors its just anxiety. A lil about me. . I'm a 33 yr old mother of 2 lil girls and a wife to a wonderful husband. A lil over 3 mos ago my grandma .. of which I was very close to. . Passed away :'( about 2 weeks after her death I got sick with what docs said was a bacterial infection . I was sick for weeks. And to this day I still feel sick. . I don't know if my symptoms are from the bacterial infection or from anxiety. I seriously had every symptom u could thinknof throughout these 3 mos. .. but lately its been the same ... my mornings are always the worst. I wake up and some days I feel puky with a stomach ache and can't eat. And then all day every day I'm dizzy/off balance.. i feel like im not really here..and my arms and legs are weak and sometimes shaky. For some reason I am now scared to me alone.. rather its being alone @ home or @ a store. I have a appt in 2 wks or so with a neurologist. I sware I have some disease or something. All the docs want me to take anxiety pills but I refuse. I never liked pills. I just want to be the mother/wife I use to be. I hate feeling like this! Oh for the past 3 weeks I go to a therapist. I go once a wk and I don't feel its helping. When will I be better? I can't deal with this. I use to be so active n now I don't want to leave my house :'(

Please help!

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Hi reading ur post, its just like me everyday been like this since August last year I'm 33 mother ov 3 and I started with anxiety after step dad died in April last year, was a shock and a few months later I started with anxiety, I'm just like u everyday I don't like being on my own, when my partner is at work I find it really hard, I have head ache all day my head ache went about an hour ago since this morning, I feel dizzy light headed all the time, I wish I cud give u advice but I'm lookin for it myself, but my doctor said it is anxiety xxxx

samiaml in reply to Claire1981

Hi Claire I'm sorry ur feeling this way.. it really sucks.. but it is good to finally be able to chat with people that can relate. . I wish I could just go shopping and love it like I use to only 3 mos ago. . But now I'm scared to leave my house. This whole anxiety thing is really terrible .. how do u get through your day being alone? My hubby don't get home till 630-7 pm so I'm alone all day Mon - Fri. . Hate it. . But like he says someone has to pay the bills. Hope all is well with you :-)

Claire1981 in reply to samiaml

Hi sam sorry I've not been on here in ages. Hope ur starting to feel beta. I've got my anxiety bk

Hi, It seems that is anxiety related to body sensations as feeling nausea or not able to eat.Sometimes we really do know the reason why we feel in that way, but as you said you`ve lost your grandma 2 weeks ago, I suppose you was very close to her and you`re suffering for that.Think about your girls and your husband being near you and comforting during this time , you will find the reason to keep going knowing that your family need of you as you of them.Try to talk more with them telling a story during bedtime, singing a nursery rhymes or something you like to share with your family...bake a cake, make a drawing , sew something, anything to keep you busy in doing something relaxing and what you really was enjoying before the event of your grandma.

samiaml in reply to daisymay70

Thanks for the uplifting insight daisymay70. Sometimes its hard to get off the couch. But starting today I'm making a change. I've been scared to leave the house for the past 3 mos but today my youngest and I went to a few stores. As nervous as I was I got through it. And tomorrow I may just bake a cake. . Like u said. :-)

Hi... Sorry to hear about your loss...In a time of grieving the immune system can go down. That's a possible reason you were more susceptible to the infection. Now the infection has been dealt with your feelings now may be more open to the grieving process ...And yes all your symptoms could be related to anxiety over losing your Nanna... My anxiety is always worse in the morning..s and there are many different ways in which anxiety and grief can manifest itself.... From your post it sounds like you have a very solid support system around you.. With a loving family etc. But again from your post... what your going through sounds so very familiar and could be related to anxiety over losing someone who was very important in your life... Give it some time... it will pass. steve

samiaml in reply to shadow45

Hi Steve. .. thanks for posting. . I really need people to talk to. My husband isn't being so supportive lately. I sometimes wonder if he's getting sick of me crying all the time and telling him I'm sick. The only person I really have to count onis my mother . She's been my rock. Going with me to all my doc appts she's been to a few of my therapist appts. I love her to death. I just feel bad bothering her because she's got her own health probs and deals with my sister alot. I know u say just give it time but geez these past 3 1/2 mos ha e been the worst days of my life .. there are days I wonder if I can keep going like this. :'(

Hello, sorry for your loss.. Recently I have been feeling the same exact way. Feeling unfocused off balance & dizzy.. I can go on & on these physical symptoms are so horrible:( all day everyday & I just want it to go away so I can enjoy life with my son & husband cause I see that it affects them too when I'm worried & scared something is going to happen to me. Hope you're feeling better! Take care

samiaml in reply to Terri28

Well hello terri28.. thanks for taking the time to post. Your so right these symptoms are just horrible :-( like u i just wish they'd all go away and I can be the happy girl I was just 3 1/2 mos ago. Its like I wake up everyday so anxious because I wonder what the day has planned for me with this anxiety . It truly is a never ending cycle. U have physical symptoms which freak your anxiety out n then because your anxiety is freaked out now u have more symptoms. I really hope this just gets better for all of us. . It is far from fun

. N like you I also feel bad for my kids and husband but its hard for me to be the girl I use to be when I'm dealing with something I can't control :-(

So sorry for your loss and give yourself space and time to grieve. Try thinking of all the good times you had together and if you feel able share them with others Although how you grieve is personal to you. Spend time with those you love and try and enjoy their company.

Hope this helps


Thanks Mr... sometimes its hard to think of all the good memories. They always make me cry. I miss her so bad. . Just wish she didnt have to go. I know if she could talk to me she'd be so upset because I'm sick everyday over her leaving. I'm really truly hoping in time I can leave this anxiety tthing behind me. I hope its not something that will be with me forever. Its really ruining my life :-( someday ill be happy again .... right???

Hi SamiamI, hope you're feeling better. I too find it hard to be the happy person I used to be & now I feel like my husband rather not have to de with me & my anxiety I tell him I wish it would just go away it is ruining my life:( if you ever need to talk I'm here on this site! I understand how you're feeling & I can only talk to certain ppl that will make me feel a lil better instead of getting upset with my feelings. Have you tried doing yoga? It helps me at times.. Take care!

samiaml in reply to Terri28

Well hello again Terri28.. I have been feeling better but as u probably know there's always something .. mainly this arm n leg weakness. . Man it drives me nuts. . Mainly my right leg. .. I sware I'm walking funny but everyone I ask says I'm walkin fine. I havent tried yoga yet because Idk how? I'm sure I could look it up on YouTube. Its really good to know I can talk to u .. no one around me really understands .. I look normal but inside I'm crying. 4 mos .. everyday of this is just terrible and I pray everyday to be normal again.. we'll get there. . Its just gonna take time! Hope all is well with u today. ..

okay first of all im going to throw a dctnary at your face. second, yea it can do all of those things. I know how you feel, believe me it sucks. I have been on zoloft for a few years and it really has helped. you can get through this.

Hi everyone , it does help reading this in a way , but it's kind of hard to know between the real & not feelings ie I am on medication for thyroid and although all bloods are normal I'm sure it's something wrong with me thru can't pick up on bloods I feel I'm walking in a daze constantly get up and look like a free in the head lights I'm suggesting a stomach issue Aton I believe is related to med im on , bit last nite had to stay at my sis with my lil boy and got my mum over too in early hours as I was lying there felt air in my chest as of it was about to seperate I was so scared my arm led tingly feeling like couldn't breath , doc is sending me for a scan on tummy , Iv got headache today mo sleep hardly and constipated and worried not even sure to take a paracetomol anymore. Binkynoo

samiaml in reply to Binkynoo

Hi Binkynoo. . I've been through something similar. I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and feeling like I couldn't breathe .. like the air wouldn't go in my lungs. . It freaked me out. . There's been so many days and nights I just cry because I'm so sick of feeling sick everyday. For 3 1/2 mos id Google my symptoms and everything from acid reflux to cancer to ms came up and it really made me feel worse. As soon as I stopped thinking I have some deadly disease and told myself its anxiety I learned to accept the symptoms of my mental health problem (anxiety) and just let them flow. As many times as I've told my husband I can't deal with this any more.. I do and I've learned to not let it scare me. There are days I have new symptoms but I tell myself its just your anxiety .. you've had physical symptoms before and you have gotten through them. . You will do the same with this new symptom. I now refuse to let the devil called anxiety rule me. Its your body anxiety is just a voice .. don't let her bully u. Hope all is well with u! I'm here to talk whenever u meed a ear to listen. I know how u feel.. u will get through this .. u just have to believe it!

Thankyou Soo much I really wanna get through this before Xmas I want to enjoy it I'm just taking day by day and obviously still having to get my check ups done at docs and talking to people will help I'm sure. Binky noo hope get through tonight will any of you be around to talk to me . Binky noo

Hi everyone , well health anxiety is not helping when my sister went into hospital with bad head and couldn't speak and shaking this obviously wasnt anxiety , was making mine worse but had to stay calm to get her the help she needed tough night , was scared if going to sleep worrying I have sleep apnea , then I'm suffering a feeling my insides are like stone hasn't helped being constipated with medication , Soo hot this morning feel like gonna pass out on way to hospital. I can't seem to cool down. Wish was on a beach somewhere feeling like I used to calm and content :-) I'm trying deep breaths really am in this stressy time. Binky noo

samiaml in reply to Binkynoo

Good afternoon Binkynoo, sorry to hear about your sister but like u said u have to be strong for her. A few days ago my mom called me and though she was having a heart attack. I raced over to pick her up and take her to the hospital. And for me for one time in 4 mos I couldn't worry about myself .. I had to be strong for my mom and get her the help she needed. All turned out ok which I'm so happy for. Hope your doing well today. Hope all turned out ok with your sister. Prayers to u!

Hi samiaml I know what your going through the symptoms sometimes are beyond scary and you think to yourself this cannot be anxiety but I do pray we all will overcome this. Im doing better than when I was first diagnosed with it I know the grace of God pulled me through I prayed day and night but I hope we will all get through this disorder.

samiaml in reply to Cwoods

Well hello cwoodside. ..I'm glad your feeling better. .. me to since this post.. like u I pray every night. . Some days these physical symptoms don't let me forget but I try. . Once I can get rid of this everyday dizziness ill be so much better. . One day. .. prayers to u and everyone else that's suffering from this demon called anxiety

Thank u samiaml prayer goes a long way im glad to hear u are doing better thats great news its jus everyday you gatta push yourself to get over it its a struggle but I wont stop fighting and u shouldnt either.

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