Help please I need to know if this is my anexity or am I dying

Help please... I went to the doctors the other day with chest pains they told me I tore muscle from being sick. Then I went two days later cuz my face on the right side became numb sometimes and they said its my anexity has anyone ever had this before.. I feel tired and weak and just wanna sleep all day but I feel my heart beating fast 


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  • Definitely anxiety . I am struggling with the same things. I even ended up going to the hospital because it was so bad one day. I couldn't handle it thought I was going to get a heart attack. Turns out just a panic attack and generalized anxiety . If you feel like something is not right do not hesitate to go to the hospital. It is your body and your own well being . Better safe than to be sorry is what I always say. Good luck 

  • Yeah I hate the feel of the numbness that comes in my face makes me feel like I'm having a stroke I always ask my mom if I'm ok and she said ur fine it's just ur anxiety but I don't feel better about it 

  • Are you taking any medication for your anxiety ? Have you tried stretching ? Meditating ? Do you get heart palpitations and feel your heart racing fast? 

  • No I am not taken no meds for it I have an appointment with my doctor Monday I'm gonna talk to her about being put on some.. Yes I feel my heart beat fast and I have heart palpitations 

  • I'm currently taking propranolol for the heart palps and increase in hr . Def. helps but not as much as much as I would like but I atleast don't feel those symptoms . But try meditating . I also drink eucalyptus tea helps me feel calm ! I'm currently in the bath relaxing . I feel great as of right now . I was feeling a bit down and I came in here and saw the water and the small ripple effects and cranked up some of my favorite music . Def. feel better . Hope you feel better love 

  • I also have the face numbness on one side and I always think stroke or something really serious. 

  • Did u see ur doctor about it mine said it was anxiety 

  • No I didnt everytime I go docs with a new symptom they just say anxiety so after reading everyones posts on this I just put it down to anxiety aswell. X

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