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Worried about meeting my boyfriend help please


Hey all my names Jordan I'm male 16 I need Some help I have anxiety and I'm going to meet my new boyfriend tomorrow and he's 19 I get really worried and paranoid that something bads going to happen to me for some reason I don't know why but I need some help if you get me aha I know nothing bads going to happen because we love each other so much it's just things you read about on the internet doesn't help aha any advise or anything thank you

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Hi Jordan, well the big day is tomorrow. I know you've mentioned this before about your anticipatory anxiety in meeting your new boyfriend. There's always a chance when meeting someone new that it may not turn out like you thought. I hope you are meeting in a public place. Loving each other or not, when meeting on the internet, your first priority is to Stay Safe. Take it slowly, enjoy your day and see where it takes you. Because you are only 16, I would say to let someone know where you will be. Let us know how it went for you.

Well we are going to stay at his house for a couple of hours and chill and get to know each other more etc taking it slowly it's just I worry a lot

I know you worry, it's all a part of our anxiety. Try not to let it ruin your evening. We worry so much about the "what ifs" which never happen. Take a few deep breaths before meeting him and try to relax and enjoy.

Ok thank you so much for the advise

Good Luck!

Thank you all went well but now I'm regretting something we did and now I'm scared in going to get an Std

Jordan, see your doctor as soon as possible or your anxiety is going to escalate. I wish you well.

I don't think I could just go see my doctor tho I'm scared I shouldn't of had unprotected sex

Depending where you live, what about a clinic?

I'm too scared too tho plus my mum doesn't know about what happened

I figured Jordan. You may have to turn to someone else you can trust either a nurse at school or a relative. I was very worried about you. You just turned 16 and there is a big difference in a 19y.o. You can't undo what's been done but somehow you need to get help and get yourself checked out. Do you have an older brother or sister you can turn to?? They may be able to sit down with your mom and talk this through. I'm sure as scared as you are, that your mother would rather you be safe and tell her what happened then do keep this from her.

I don't go to school or anything in scared now I've had unprotected sex I was so stupid to let it happen I don't know what to do

Jordan you have to tell your mom. She needs to know. You weren't stupid, you are young.

Tell a trusted person or two who you are going to meet and where. Meet in a public venue and keep it this way until you trust the person. Wishing you well, Wendy x

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