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Another point to me


Today I had to go to a big event with my partners parents to show their police cars. I always get a bit anxious when riding in the police cars as so many people look at you and everyone changes their driving style. I took a diazepam 2mg before going and it worked for a few hours, sadly I was too scared to take any more even though the dr had said I was safe to do so but my head just wouldn't allow it. However I pushed through it I used all the breathing exercises I know and tried my upmost to stay positive and let time pass. It worked I did it I didn't run away I stayed there and went through all the attractions and it was ok. I'm so pleased that I did it as it's been so long since I've been out the house and garden for more than an hour or so and I feel super proud. I've given my son some truly beautiful memories and that's all I could hope for really:) baby steps are completely acceptable and I'm going to continue with baby steps until I can once again live :) xxxx

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Emest86, you know I always get teary eyed when I read a story like yours. Success in small steps is still success. You certainly should be proud. Seeing the smile on both you and your son is so worth the effort. I'm proud of you too. x

Emest86 in reply to Agora1

Thank you agora1 :) I love that by sharing my achievements on here it uplifts others too :) it's a good feeling to know that everyone on here understands how difficult it is to do the little things and we all just lift each other up so thank you Hun :) big hugs xx

Well done you👏 feels good doesn't it keep it up be proud of yourself 😃

Emest86 in reply to daisy-17

Thank you daisy-17 :) it does :) big hugs :) xx

Big hugs back 😀


Hello, I am picturing you in the police car and being anxious because all the other drivers on the road are "behaving". I know you were anxious and congratulations on your day.....but I thnk it's a bit "Kool" that you actually were having that power over the other drivers! I wish you had that ability when you're in your own car. Your photo is wonderful. :)

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