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Hey everyone, hope your nights/mornings are all well. I was thinking of a way to help this community that I appreciate so much. You all no matter how bad you feel yourselves, will forget it all to help someone who is feeling bad just like you. My thought is this, personally I've had a really hard time explaining my anxiety and how it affects me directly on a personal/spiritual level, you all share what your anxiety is like and how it affects you, what you do to overcome it. I feel like it's a good thing to get it out in the open, and if you feel good now writing, perhaps you can look back on what you wrote and it can help you out of the slump. I'm not 100% sure that this will be effective, but I'm willing to try if you are!

I'll go first!

My anxiety starts when i start to think about my heart, my throat, my stomach, head, and such. The reason it starts when I think about those things is because when, let's say, my stomach growls I get a little frantic and ask myself,"What was that? Was that normal? Am I just hungry, or is it something worse!?" Crazy crazy thoughts like that. My big one is my heart though, I'm constantly checking my pulse, and now I've gone so far as to buy a fitbit to monitor it, so now I'm looking at my wrist all the time lol. I don't know if what I'm looking at is normal or irregular. If my heart is beating too slow, or too fast. Can it handle exercise? My mind simply starts running and running, if I don't catch it I will have a panic attack. My worst fear in life is dying and leaving the people I love behind, mainly my family. Accepting the fact that I probably do have anxiety and it's nothing more is still something that i go through every day. I always doubt it, and start thinking I'm terminally ill and that my life is just going to end abruptly after my chest flutters, or after a chest pain. I wish I could say that I'm done going into the doctors, but I'm not, when my insurance comes on in April I will be in to get checked out again haha. What I've noticed though, is if I do accept that it's anxiety messing with me I have a really good day! Albeit the next day is usually not a good one, but I'll take one good one and one bad. It feels good to feel normal every once in a while. My anxiety has even changed, I used to be worried that my heart rate was way too fast, now I'm worried it's far too slow because of how relaxed I make myself. So, I propose you all (i know it's hard, I have anxiety too:)) to challenge your minds to be positive, look at the bright side of your day, the fact that you woke up, the fact that you have food, a house, a job, and a family that loves you. Bask in the glory that is your life, and attempt to be almost disgustingly positive so much that you are literally forcing it. I bet when you look back on your day you'll realize you had the best day that you've had in a long time.

Feel free to share your anxieties please! Let it out, it's not fair to hold it in, don't worry about how long the posts are just let it loose! We all hold far too much in. I love you all, and God Bless.

EDIT: I don't take medication for anxiety, and I've also spent the better part of the past three months in my bed due to anxiety. (I'm making baby steps to be back to normal though :) )

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  • This is a great goes..My anxiety starts with my asthma..I get SO freaked out that im not going to be able to breathe, i start hyperventilating and always run to my rescue inhaler. It takes me a while to calm back down, as my stomach is flipping, and heart racing not only from the panic attack, but from the inhaler. I sit in a quiet room, and just focus on my breathing. And within minutes, im ok. I focus ALOT on all my symptoms, and before i know it, im going threw another panic attack..a vicious cycle my doctors tell me im only doing to myself!!, and im starting to realize this now, so my days are getting better!

  • Very good! :) The hard part is accepting, that's for sure !

  • So funny I too want to buy a Fitbit just so I can check my pulse instantly at anytime. When my anxiety started just over a year ago my heart rate was always fast now that I have settled down quite a bit it's back to normal and at night when I'm relaxed in bed it sometimes goes under 60 which worries me but I try to remind myself that previous to anxiety I always had a low pulse as I was very active growing up.

  • When I'm relaxed my pulse is anywhere from 46-60 bpm I'm also 21 and in decent physical health

  • Thanks for sharing your story and symptoms with us all. We can all relate to what you say. Best wishes to you from Scotland! x

  • Hyper-sensitive and obsessive is what we all are. The term hyper-sensitive refers to how extremely aware we are of ourselves and our bodies. our minds pick up on even the slightest most random sensation..sensations that to a "normal" person would probably go unnoticed. Our minds will lock on to those sensations and thats when the obsessing begins. We can't ignore it..we can't just brush it off as nothing like others can. Our heads lock on to it and we start slipping into that "worry" zone. All of a sudden that little sharp pain is something serious...or that twitch in our muscle becomes the early stages of some crazy disorder...or that headache is now a cancerous tumor...or maybe that weird tingling feeling in my elbow means my arm has to be amputated..hehe. With me it's always something new that creeps up just as i'm getting over whatever i was obsessing about before. On those days that i do feel fine and that i'm not obsessing about some health scare...i will actually get more anxious wondering "what's next?"....and then the next thing pops up...and here we go again. It sucks badly because it's hard to tell if those things we feel are due to our anxiety or something else...and until we find out what it is...or it goes away on its own...we are trapped in that vicious cycle of "worry-fear-anxiety-worry". Something that helps me deal with this poop is to remember how many others are dealing with the very same thing. So based on that I gather the strength to push on with my days and know that im fighting along side some of the best and strongest people on this green globe. hope you all have a wonderful day. :)

  • My anxiety involves my heart and also the fear of having an allergic reaction to food that im eating I dont eat bread anymore for the fear of been allergic to it, I also have health anxiety so if somebody has an illness then I have it too, at the moment I take loratadine everyday because of my fear about allergic reactions I was never allergic to anything when I was younger.

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