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Shakey feeling at all times

Does anyone else get all shakey while not even feeling overly anxious? I can actually see my hands and legs shake. It happens more with standing activities and I get the anxious feeling only when I notice the shaking. I feel worse when I am tired, I just don't know if it could be med side effect ( I am on celexa) or simple anxiety. I hate it because I have a physical job and this shaking is getting in my way. All my labs are fine and my blood sugar is fine. My blood pressure is ok as well.

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noemikahle, shakiness is most likely from being anxious. You don't have to feel it to experience the shakiness from over sensitized nervous system. Sometimes medication can be the reason as well. It seems to be a common factor with anxiety.


i have been trying to ignore it as much as possible, acknowledge it's there and reassure myself that I am ok. Its just so hard when I do physical work and my arms and legs are shaking I have Ativan but it seems to do nothing for me and I really don't want to increase dose I really wonder if Xanax would be better for a short while until I can fully get my anxiety under control. Celexa has helped , will try max dose but I may still need to switch meds. I am also doing cognitive therapy but the shaking persists.


noemikahle, I can understand how it interferes at work. I noticed myself, and I'm not on any benzos, that my hand will shake when grasping something. It happened in my psychiatrist office and immediately he said "Anxiety"...I have tried using the power of my mind as well as breathing it away when it does happen. I haven't experienced it as much lately. x


Yeap that is what I am trying to do! I guess we all want a magic pill to make it stop.

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I have the shakes and trembles after a panic attack. So I can relate to this as well. Sounds like it's the anxiety.


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