Back step towards controlling health aniexty

I am convinced myself tonight i could have cancer and now I cannot stop crying...ive gone against everything I've been taught by my therapist..i went straight onto Google..which yes I know you should never do but it's like i have an addiction..and yep it told me my worst I'm worse and can't get the thought of im dying out of my can i get back on track 😓


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  • Stop going on Google and go back to what your therapist taught you. U know u not dying is just anxiety and it can't kill you. Hugs to u💞 hope u feel better soon.

  • i know I haven't helped myself..because what i have wasnt a sign of aniexty i stupidly googled doing deep breathing now to help..thank you x

  • U welcome deep breathing is good and mindfulness and Mediation and listening to 🎶 take a warm 🚿 or soak in the tub and light some candles and just relax. U can do it I believe in you hun.

  • thank you hun x

  • Francesca, almost everything can be a symptom of anxiety and if it's not then you could still be misinterpreting some harmless thing and attaching some sinister importance to it that it doesn't deserve. You won't be reassured until you've seen your doctor about it - but when your doctor does diagnose it then accept that diagnosis and not your own.

  • thank you...i know your right it just scares me so much that I only felt this stinging sensation this morning and all but 10hrs later im in a state because of it 😑.that i just cannot get it out of my head

  • Don't try to get it out of your head, Francesca, that's not the way to overcome anxiety. Instead accept the thought for the time being but don't attach so much importance toit because the chances of it being serious are real small. We must learn to keep a sense of proportion, Francesca, otherwise every little scratch and muscle strain is going to ruin our day all completely unnecassary. So just accept the thing that is worrying you knowing full well that it's most likely something transient and unimportant. But do see your doctor about it so you can lay the beast to rest.

  • Every time you think about googling something, try doing something to distract yourself, like reading or watching a show or playing a game. Try to remember every other time you've googled symptoms. It usually ends with you panicking, right? No one wants to feel that way. Try to think of how bad googling is going to make you feel in the end. Now think of how many times you've actually died from an illness you stumbled upon. I promise you're going to be okay. (: Make a habit of using the techniques your therapist taught you.

  • i had done so well up until tonight 😐...i just keep thinking now what my therapist said as in if it's still there after a few days or gets worse then go to gp but until then our bodies do weird things..and breathe....thank you I def need to get a hobby 😀

  • Hello

    When we have health anxiety and when we are seeing a therapist we have to remember that what they teach us takes time and there will be times when we slip backwards that is to be expected but you have realized what you have done so don't be harsh on yourself

    When we are growing up we learn by our mistakes the same is when we are recovering from anxiety we make mistakes and we learn by them :-) how would we realize we were making progress if we did not slip now and again to show us :-)

    As for Google well does not have your medical records and neither can it examine you but as you know it can and does throw out the worse scenario ever !

    I used to go on it a lot and then my Doctor asked me who would I like to be my Doctor her or Google because as she was right in saying so I seemed to listen more to Google than her and there was not room for me to have the two of them so I made the best choice and chose her :-)

    You have been seen by Doctors , you have had tests done so if I were you I would seriously choose to believe the Doctors you actually have seen :-)

    Maybe have a nice relaxing bath , distract yourself with a good program on TV or read a book and what you have read when it pops in your head tell it that you are not listening because it is your Health Anxiety talking and nor reality :-)

    O and you could wear a new fashion accessory of an elastic band around your wrist and every time you feel like asking Dr Google give it a quick flick that will remind you it is not a good idea :-/

    Take Care x

  • hey...the worst thing is I even has a therpy session tonight...i know this will take time.

    i had blood test in Feb...but I don't think this would have been picked I only felt this stinging sensation this morning...which is why I went on Google..then found myself ringing my sister to see if it was normal or mainly for reassurance...ur right about not having room for 2 and the doctors obviously knows best

    i will hun I'm going to go lay in bed and watch a film x

  • Hello :-)

    Well don't worry you only saw them tonight it does not matter , you just had a moment we all have them :-)

    I had HA most of my life and believe it or not I am having moments with the cancer thoughts again , but I have to keep pushing them out and not allowing them to take over because they will if I let them , I am sure you are fine , we all have aches and pains and tingles all the time but we have to learn not to let them into something huge and sinister which in time you will :-)

    I hope you enjoy your movie and get a good nights sleep :-) x

  • Stop looking on the internet .if ur really that concerned please see your doctor .

  • Sometimes going.tonthe doctor and having being told your fine .. that's what u sometimes need to hear. So u can calm down about it ..

  • When I feel that way I do a hypnosis or a calming meditation sometimes it takes me doing it 5 or 6 times to really feel calm . Maybe go for a walk if u can when I feel that way . Def deep breathing or removing yourself from where u are and have some quiet time

  • A totally different approach is to write out a story about having cancer and dying. However, you might want to discuss this with your therapist. My therapist has advised me that if I face my fears, they will dwindle. I have fears of illness and death as well. I have started to write out the stories. It isn't easy to do, but that, along with working hard at grounding myself and functioning as normally as possible, is helping. Living life fully is what we need to strive for, to become engaged in life, in order to make the most of our time here on earth. I am a person of faith, and when the thoughts of illness and death come over me, I hand them over to God, and then try to get on with doing something constructive, even if it's something small, like going for a walk, cleaning out a drawer, hemming a skirt, brushing the dog, weeding, etc. I also do abdominal breathing and listen to calming music and positive affirmations.

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