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Should I change my Doctor

For years now I have suffered anxiety/panic disorder and 7years ago diagnosed with graves disease and a year ago b12/folic acid deficiency symptoms all seemed to bring on anxiety and I had been to Dr several times but he would adjust my medication which was venlafaxine,propranolol,queteprine,thyroxine,carbimozole,folic acid and b12 injection every 3 months.all blood tests were in normal levels but I was suffering from weight loss,lack of energy,shakes,nervousness,lack of appetite, and it interfered with daily living as I did not want to do anything.I told my Doctor I wasn't convinced my thyroid was normal,he said it is fine I have seen the results and all within normal levels I went to see him again a few days ago because I was feeling really anxious and shaky,he asked what symptoms I had,still insists thyroid fine then started asking other questions like did I smoke,drink,take recreational drugs,headaches,blackouts,double vision,water works,then he weighed me,took pulse,felt my stomach which was a little tender down middle,then he asked if I suffered shortness of breath and I said Iand didn't and he asked about swollen ankles and I said last year I had them but not since,then he asked what was wrong with my voice and I said it always goes a bit croaky and shaky when I am anxious,he then said he would sound my chest he did this back and front and said nothing so no idea if it was clear or what. then he handed me a paper with blood tests for liver function,blood count,b12,then he wrote on a piece of paper respiratory assessment and gave to me saying to make appointment for that then he said oh and you can go for chest xray to see state of your lungs......to start with I went to him for anxiety issues,i told him I don't get out of breath and a lot of peoples voices change when nervous and I know mine does.i also know that sometimes when nervous I sound like I pause between words usually because I get stuck on what to say when anxiety sets in and I thought my Doctor would know this,so I go to him hoping to adjust my medication or send me for thyroid blood test and I end up having my lungs checked out he has just made me more anxious,did examinations but did not tell me anything and surely if he heard anything abnormal through stethoscope he would have told me.Yes I know I shouldn't smoke,i am not heavy smoker but find it so difficult to stop with all these things going on with thyroid and anxiousness.I was shocked at the way he said have chest xray to see state of lungs,i don't think there was any need to put it like that and as I said I did not go and see him with breathing issues.Sorry this is so long.

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The doctor is just checking you it quite routine so don't be to alarmed.thyroid is very strong in my family my mum had it ,my brother has it and my niece.but whenever they check my thyroid its always OK.so after you get all the results back for these tests go back to your doctor and ask him the questions you want answering.it might be best to write it all down on piece of paper that's what I did when I was so anxious I couldn't think straight .then the doctor can read it.I smoke to they don't like smokers.


Some doctors can be very rude to people with anxiety and he should not have said to you .....check the state of your lungs ! He said that to you to scare you.some doctors think if they give you a scare you will stop smoking.


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