Quit my job to stop having panic attacks?-With extra info

I have been at this apprenticeship for 8months and I hate everyday of it. I have been struggling through until I had a few panic attacks and now I can't even talk to people without shaking and my heart beating so fast.

The problem now is the fear of having another one triggers me to have another, even in everyday life now. I know this job has caused me to have these panic attacks, so I'm not sure whether to quit and not get my qualification (even though I don't want to work in the field anyways) or work through?

Is this the Right thing to do or is it a cop out?

Some extra information on this one:

My fellow apprentices have now seemed to be almost bullying me as I will not tell them what is wrong with me and they keep joking about it and I tell them to stop. This triggers my anxiety and almost confirms my paranoia of people laughing at me. Making me want to quit more!

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  • Do Not Quit !

    You will do it at the next job and the next.

    I have them at work as well, power through it and do not let it affect your work ( easier said than done I know ) but try.

  • Do you have any ways in which you cope at work through the panic attacks?

  • If its not the field you want to work in then that could be making you uneasy anyway. If there is a course mentor around then speak with them about your options. If your like me doing something you dont wish to do will trigger your anxiety.

    When i feel panic attacks now i tell myself to have one and it puts a mental block up.

  • I usually have mine in a meeting when I have to speak. So I make sure I have all my information for that meeting ready and go over it in my head a couple of times.

    If I still happen to start to panic I excuse myself and go to the mens room and put cold water on my face and calm down then go back if I can.

  • This is exactly when I have mine too! I usually do that, but it's making it worse. now I can't even speak in a casual way at work anymore. What I'm trying now is to be open with colleagues about it, hopefully this will help.

  • Hey there, I had this problem a couple of times in two different jobs! Honestly I understand how it can be. Have you seen your GP about your panic attacks? I would highly recommend that you do a course of CBT. It's a form of counselling that's focuses on there current problem and what triggers it. I also recommend trying batch rescue remedy. You can get it in drug stores such as boots. All you do is simply apply a couple of drops onto your tongue and it calms you down x try not to quit, I did and I found it extremely hard to find work afterwards and ended up depressed. You can do anything you put your mind to

  • Well said!

    You can do anything if you put your mind to it! We just have to work at it a little harder some days.xx

  • Hey, Thanks for the advice. I am seeing my GP on Friday in the hopes to be getting CBT because I really want to talk about it and cope. I want to continue this job to get the qualification, I just don't know if I can physically do it.

  • You will be fine all you need to remember is that a panic attack will not kill you! It can't harm you. It may feel horrible and uncomfortable but it won't hurt you. You can get through this trust me. I did, don't get me wrong it may not completely go away but learning to cope with it makes all the difference x

  • Thanks! Small achievement today: getting through a conversation without physical tremors 💪

  • Don't quit!

    You will regret it in the long run. I did this with a good job & have only had poor ones since.

    Please do go and see your Dr. I have some tablets at the moment that have stopped my heart palpitations.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Big hugs. From a mum. x

  • Doctor booked for Friday :)

  • If it's not what your really want to do careerwise it's not a cop out. You want a job you can feel happy in after what you been through trust me I know from having my own issues. Think about it and follow your gut what's best for you long term. Good luck!

  • I know what I want to do after to make me happy, so I have a goal! I just can't start until September. I don't know whether to make me happy now and get no qualification. I will see how I feel after the doctor. Thanks for the advice!

  • Your welcome! Hope it all goes well!

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