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I've suffered with anxiety since 1990!I was given some primitive tranqilizers which were terrible and so I began drinking to control my nerves. My symptoms disappeared for several years then about 10 years ago came back with a vengeance. I continue to drink but now the effects afterwards make me worse than ever. I've recently started to take magnesium and wondered if anyone has had any success with it. Some days are unbearable,I'd like a life.

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Well given time Magnesium will help you but alcohol depletes Magnesium so what are taking in is getting burned up when you drink.

You'll need more than Magnesium from drinking for so long, and all these vitamin and mineral defiences you have, which you do, well these will only make your anxiety and depression much worse.


Yeah I'm clutching at straws without considering things properly.Desperation takes hold.


What type of Magnesium are you taking, look on side of pack for ingredients. Glycinate, oxide etc.


Holland and Barrett 250mg. One per day.


It's Ingredients though, does it say oxide, citrate, glycinate ?

Oxide is rubbish, glycinate is best, citrate will give you the runs.


Yeah it's oxide and I have 2 bottles of it.


Rubbish, £6.99 and the other 1p ?


Best one available, will help you alot.



Ha ha you got it. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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Yes step 1 should be giving up drinking because anything else you try will be negatively impacted by this.

Try seeing a naturopath for a full blood work up to check for deficiencies.


I have found that giving up alcohol altogether, eating healthily, exersizing for 30 - 60mins a day and taking magnesium has helped.

Exercize has had the biggest impact of all. A good sweat inducing brisk walk for 45 minutes every morning and evening has made me feel alive again.


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