Heat and anxiety

Hey all ..I've had anxiety for awhile now I'm starting to practice mindfulness and acceptance and it's been helping in baby steps..one thing though that I cannot seem to shake is fear of the heat and my heart giving out..it's 95 degrees out right now and when I step outside my chest tightens up and I get dizzy and out of breathe ..can my worry about this give me these symptoms when I'm in the sun? Does anyone else have a similar fear?


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  • How do you practice mindfulness and acceptance because I'm stuck

  • Don't think your stuck just think of it as a speed bump in the road ..http://thepowerofideas.ideapod.com/struggling-overthinking-buddhists-message-need-hear/?utm_content=buffer01461&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer ..read that and also try meditating for 15 min a day and stretching I find that to be useful ..anxiety takes control of the mind and makes you believe something is wrong ..u have to accept it's anxiety ..easier said then done ..I still have anxiety but I was getting a lot more panic attacks before ..I'm still learning to accept ..it's a process..but a process you can get thru :)

  • I'm not accepting. I'm not sure how.

  • Well first thing is first ..go to the docs make sure everything is ok ..once u get that cleared which I'm sure you will then whenever u experience anxiety u have to tell yourself it's anxiety and it WILL pass

  • Hi XxWil_91, 95 degrees is warm, I hate it when the weather is too hot but Ialso notice that when it's warm/hot my blood pressure always drops, no fail. I think this is a general reaction not just me so maybe, just maybe, your dizziness and breathlessness are due to low blood pressure due to the heat?

  • Good possibility ..how do you deal with it without avoiding heat in general ? And how dangerous is it

  • I have the same thing. It's that hot here too. The heat makes me feel terrible. Like I am choking. I definitely understand!

  • It's worth investing in a decent blood pressure monitor if you don't already have one and see if your bp is low when the temperature is high, anything below 110 points on the systolic (higher) reading. If that's the case start drinking much more water, low bp can be caused by not drinking enough water so keep yoursekf well hydrated at all times. If your bp stays low talk to your doctor about it, low bp usually isn't a problem unless it causes unwanted symptoms, in fact low bp means you live longer, but start with keeping yourself well hydrated.

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