Is it anxiety?

Hi, I'm a 19 year old guy zso I am a worried about my own health.. Especially when it's in my head. Out of literally no where I would get a headache, dizziness and the extreme fear that I'm going to die from a tumour or aneurism and this in turn makes me panic so much more and heighten the symptoms.... It keeps happening, dizziness, extreme worry, headache like it's throbbing on the sides of my head and a constant full feeling. It doesn't help how my sinuses are completely blocked. Is this anxiety or something else I'm panicking everyday extremely bad, the minuite I get this headache or dizziness I instantly think I'm going to drop dead from an aneurism. I can't talk to my family cause I irritate them with my panicking but I can't help it I'm literally at my wits ends...


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  • It's anxiety....hang in not give in to the panic.

  • I am the same way with my chest.. I get pains on my left sides and most of it stems from anxiety... If it really bothers you that much give the doctor a call

  • Yeah I'm going to the doctors Tuesday for my anxiety and sinuses, it's crazy what anxiety can do and how it can cause effects that scare you into thinking it's something bad... I just hate this heavy headed feeling and constant hotness in my face, only thing that soothes it is a fan. Genuinely believe it's anxiety/ sinisitus, just scares me

  • It's definitely anxiety. Sinuses probably play a part in it as well though. I have had all you described before for about a week when I though I had a tumor. That was a few weeks ago though. But now all the lymphnodes on the right side of my head are swollen and hurt behind my ear, jaw, and side of my neck. So I think I probably have a cold because of fall allergies, and if you do it can make your feel dizzy and clogged . I wouldn't worry too much.

  • thank you, it's nice getting reassurance for everyone, just hate having this heavy head/ dizziness and constant got sensation. I hope my doctor listens they tend to just get me in and out without a care just say oh come back in few weeks, sucks really :/

  • Well you could legitimately have a sinus infection or cold! But if they say you don't , stay calm because I have been there with the exact symptoms you're having (:

  • It's nice but yet horrible at the same time knowing someone else has fine through the same what I'm feeling. I do have sinus issues just it's confusing to tell what's anxiety and what's the sinus issues. And because the sinus issues cause heavy head and headaches I instantly get panic attacks. Thank you so much though :)

  • Me too. Same symptoms you describe off and on for 25 years. So sorry for you and anyone who experiences this.

  • Definitely have felt this way

  • Starting to see some patterns here, as long as I know it isn't something harmful and just constant anxiety for some reason I can cope with that until the doctors

  • It's a constant battle sometimes for me. Because it's times I go through my symptoms and I try to tell myself, I've felt this before, I've been through this but it still is hard just accepting this can all just be anxiety. But I end up getting through it. But each time I go through it just feels new like I've never been through this. It's never a comfortable feeling .

  • Oh, man ! Been there, been there, am still there. The head symptoms, worries about the aneurysm, brain tumor, heart attack, cancer of everything, staying in bed for 3 days cuz I don't feel like getting up. IT SUCKS😩😖😵

  • Well you're not alone. This seems quite a common post on this site. The more you think and talk about it the less likely it is to settle.

  • Indeed it's very common, I feel for everyone who has to deal with it. Unfortunately I'm a hypochondriac, weird admitting that. Slightest pain is enough to trigger an attack or make me question if I'm severely ill... Just constant rubber band headache and dizziness just how can it be bloody anxiety

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