Hi I have just come across this brilliant site, I am suffering with server anxiety / sever depression , the depression I have to learn to cope and live with, but I can not cope or live with this horrific anxiety, I am on antidressants and my doctor has just persuaded me to take 40mg daily of beta blockers to help me deal with the anxiety, the anxiety has been extremely bad since the begin off the year due to me having a break down. The anxiety wakes me up of a morning ( before even opening my eyes ) the terrifying fear, racing heart, panic, dreaded it's horrific, I have to force myself out of bed, get myself ready and out the house were do I go with this fear ?????? I try most days to keep busy, but Iam finding everyday things really hard to do so I have to just try get through every day which ever way I can, it's awful and no life, because of the way Iam feeling I avoid meeting people as I'm embarrassed and find it hard to make conversation. I would really appreciate any advise on how to beat this anxiety exspeacilly mornings when Iam at my worst.


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  • Hi there. There is no need to feel embarrassed about something we can't control.... What kind of beta blocker were you prescribed if you don't mind me asking... As for me I've been having for four months now ever since my dad caught a heart attack and has been in coma since my symptoms started 8 days after his attack I guess the stress and being in the hospital nin stop plus I had a very stressful boss and long hours ... I know exactly how your feeling and in so sorry to hear that it's been so long with no relief ... I have a friend of mine who has been taking this natural pill called Calms forte she says it helps her a lot they sale them in cvs GNC they by Hylands inc you should give them a try since your not on any anxiety or depression meds .. Hope this can be of a help look into this pill and research it before you buy so you know exactly what I'm talking take care and God bless hope you feel better i myself am trying to get off Buspar and get that pill but in finding it kind of hard even tho Buspar isn't doing much for me it does take my anxiety away but it doesn't take the physical symptoms of the anxiety itself .. So I'm seeing a specialist called Kinesiologist they do more natural stuff research that also .. Hope this help take care and God Bless any questions feel free anytime ...

  • Hi thank you for replying it helps so very much to know others have symptoms and I'm not on my own ( I feel very lonely at times ) yes I'm on antidressants 200mg sertaline and 40mg propranolol beta blockers, I'v stopped taking depakote for three weeks now as the hospital doctor had me on them for bipolar and I haven't for biopolar ( I'm not having a psychiatrist telling me I have ) after suffering since my teens with depression I had a manic episode (which I'v never had before) lead to a breakdown, the hospital now have me as having biopolar !!!! I haven't got it and stopping the depakote proves I haven't got it, other wise I'd of had a manic episode by now. I was very reluctant to take beta blockers but I'm that bad of a morning I just have to take something, how do you cope daily ??? Do you have the terrifying feelings, racing heart, panic, as though you can't see noway out and it's never ending and your trapped, I get terrified at times exspeacilly of a morning mines (honestly ) horrific

  • How long have you been suffering with this symptoms when did they start?? At first yes I had the same exact symptoms you had after two months of 26ER visits and many test run ecg EKG stress ct scan heat X-ray brain scans etc all the works plus my cardiologist and My Dr who is an internist and so on I ended up on the psych ER they said it was all anxiety all test wee normal .. ER gave me 1mg of Klonopin and I was back to normal for that just one night he also prescribed me ten pills to take as a need to need basis but no more the 2mg a day and he prescribed me Citalopram that was a daily pill which I only took for 3 days didn't like the side effects made my anxiety worst got I was then prescribe to other meds forgot the name didn't work out also I ended up seeing a psychiatrist after them 3 attempts and failed I suggested to my psych that I would like to try Buspar which did help the effects were a bit annoying and rough for the first two weeks but not as bad as the other ones .. Stuck with it for two now but my psych changed it this week cause it wasn't helping with my physical symptoms ahe gave me lexapro almost the same as the first pill the ER prescribed me same family tree I was very hesitant on taking the prescription but she said if you can take this I can't help you any longer so I took it haven't taking a pill since I'm still on my Buspar have around five days of Meds left don't know what I will do after that so basically Buspar is good 10mg twice day it takes the anxiety away but he physical on me cause everyone is different wasn't helping that's why my Psycj changed the med ... Now I get different kind of symptoms but I don't wake up with the attacks anymore or get panic got it at first for the pass two months after Buspar I didn't get anything I'm really disappointed and sad cause it did help me with the anxiety itself but it wasn't doing much for my physical symptoms also caused my the anxiety .... Shortness of breath Chest pains upper abdominal pressure back pains everyday is a new day a new symptom but for the last two weeks it's been shortness of breath and upper andominal pressure ... So if. Your not suffering from any of this symptoms of anxiety but just the anxiousness itself and racing heartbeat and tightness maybe Busapr can be good for you but it's not for you and I to decide let your psych doctor evaluate your condition and let them try to figure out the proper teatment Busapr is good like i said I don't wanna give it up but this shortness of breath isn't helping ... Wish you luck hope all works out I knqonyou have meds I would try natural that's my next step and I'm working on it now I have another appointment next week with a specialists trying to get off this crazy meds myself sorry if I was t such of a big help wish you lucks and God Bless hope you get better soon

  • Hi I am sorry that you feel soooo bad, I was going to reply immediately after reading your post then thought " no read the replys first" . I would suggest you talk to your doctor as I have been on sertraline for a few years and when I got more depressed due to issues he put my dose up and I then got terrible anxiety issues, so he lowered my dose and the anxiety disappeared. Please don't lower it yourself but talk to your doctor, I eventually changed to Efexor for my depression. Wishing you well

  • Thank you for replying and your very helpful advise much appreciated

  • Hello Sandraann, I suffer from bipolar 2 depression and until joining this site thought it was probably worse than anxiety. Now I am not so sure.

    Firstly if you have learned to cope with and live with depression you are doing well. If you are getting up , getting ready and going out and keeping busy most days you are doing very well , much better than many people using this site. Don't slip back from this achievement , you are showing a lot of courage , and at the end of the day that courage is worth quite a lot of pills. Don't give the pills up yet though--depression is tough and you need all the help going--pills plus courage plus this site, and maybe support from sympathetic and discreet friends and family, exercise,all will help.

    Depression will make you feel like avoiding people . Try not to give in to this and your conversation and contact with people is very valuable in fighting depression. What's more your conversations may be more difficult but you are probably a lot better at it than you imagine. Thats what depression does, it warps your thinking. It will also sap motivation making every day things harder to do , but not impossible. I suffer the same lack of motivation but tell myself that if I was in Auchswitz I think I'd get up and get moving when the Capo came round, and if I could have done it then I can do it now.

    I have n't had anxiety much so am not an expert but get a book on meditation. Until then ,when you wake up , try and relax , you've got 5 minutes of peace , concentrate on fairly deep breaths ,slowly.

    Feel your chest expanding and contracting, listen to the air going in and out , nothing else matters for 5 minutes, concentrate just on your steady breathing . Mind you no more than 5 minutes --you've got to get up remember.

    What's the worst that can happen in the day? Dying ? Well we're all dying from the moment we're born ,and the day is n't going to be that bad.

    Probably someone will come along with better advice , but I do admire the courage you've shown so far. Regular sleep and meals are other thing that help (he said at 1.53 in the morning !!). Good night.

    Good wishes and I hope ,and feel sure you will get advice to blunt the panic and anxiety.

  • Thank you so very much for your very kind words of encouragement and support it means such a lot and has really made me feel good that you have recognised how very hard it is for me to keep getting up and out its so very hard and you have picked up on that, it has made me feel so good thank you very much it's good people like you that makes me determined to fight this and win it everyday. You take great care and please keep I touch with me

  • I too have the racing heart every morning. It is not fun. You are doing the right thing by pushing thru. Make sure you are eating healthy. Don't skip meals. Keep your sugar level even. Drink water all day. Dehydration can make your anxiety worse. Make sure you are getting alot of sleep and exercise. I feel better when i take a walk. Being outside helps me. Keep taking your meds and the beta blocker is to help with your racing heart. I was prescribed antidepressants for my anxiety but they made me feel depressed and sleepy all day. I was not depressed anyway. Just the racing heart and feeling very edgy. Hard to concentrate on anything else. This started 4 yrs ago and now I feel 80 percent better. I pushed myself not to focus on my symptoms by eating, exercising, sleep at least 7 hours a nite, staying involved with activities and also talking with friends, family and even strangers that were out walking too. I would still feel anxious but i made myself focus on conversations. I didn't talk about anxiety. Need to take your focus off of it. I also j ournaled all my feelings and emotions. I take .5 mg of lorazepam when needed and magnesium. I bought magnesium supplement called Calm. Comes in powdered form which you mix with water. You can order on line or get at GNC. It was really hard but doing all the above helped me. Everybody reacts different on meds so i would not stop yours without doctors approval. Maybe just add magnesium. My snacks were pumpkin seeds, grapes, oranges yogurt and cup of 100 percent cocoa. It takes strength and courage and you have that because you push thru. It's a mind game so tell yourself you are okay and believe each day you will feel better than yesterday. Good luck.

  • Thank you very much I read your comforting words everyday to keep me positive thank you I really appreciate you taking the time to care

  • We are all in this together. Anxiety sucks and I would never give any advise that has not worked for me. We all need to help each other. Thank you for your kind we words. Post me anytime. It helps me too knowing that we are all working through this together

  • I wake up of a morning TERRIFED like I am now TERRIFED of the day the next hour the future I find the last rew weeks it's impossible to control and he beta blockers. In taking is giving me terrible insomnia can not sleep at all on them in in a terrible state right now

  • I am so sorry. I know exactly what you are going through. Take a walk, breathe, and eat something. Lack of sleep makes anxiety worse . Make appt with your doctor and explain the situation. Maybe he can take you off beta blockers and give you anti anxiety meds for morning. I take .5 mg lorazepam and it calms me down in about 30 mins. I can then go on with my day. Also take CAlm magnesium in powder form. This helps with racing heart too. Do you feel your antidepressant is working. If not discuss that with him too. You can become dependent on lorazepam and you may feel dizzy and sleepy . That is why I take low dosage. However, feeling better is your priority right now so take whatever meds are prescribed while you work on letting your anxiety go. Please keep me up to date. I promise you will get better. I have. Take meds, sleep, drink water, exercise, talk to friend and family and get involved in something, even if its cleaning house, gardening, cooking, journaling or hobby. Anxiety is like a child pulling on your skirt for attention and if you ignore the child they eventually give up and go away. I will pray for you.

  • Thank you so very much for replying it really helps reading all your advice

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