Anxiety spikes?

I keep having this sudden rush of fear, it only lasts like 5 seconds but in those 5 seconds I feel breathless and just out of whack. I can feel my body like tense up and I kind of gasp for air. It's setting my health anxiety off cos I don't understand it. I don't feel anxious when it happens. It does feel like anxiety the more I think about it but why does it crop up when I'm feeling okay?! Urgghhhhhh frustrating 

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  • You sound like you need to relax . Do something to keep your mind off thing's. Have you tried the breathing into a paper bag. Hope you feel better soon I do know hoe your feeling and it sucks.

  • Mine tends to creep up only because my thoughts start to drift towards that fear of having a panic attack.  It's seems funny writing it down to me now, that I'm panicking about panicking. 

  • I get like this all the time it's so scary feels like I'm dying!

  • Yep that's the worst part of it. I have to keep reminding myself that this is only a sensation brought on by my thoughts.

  • It just makes me panic afterwards thinking 'have I just had some kind of seizure of stroke etc?!' Now I'm fine I can look back and know it's anxiety but for those couple of days afterwards I'm inconsolable! 

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