From Desperation to Delight in 24Hrs

Hi all hope your day is going OK.

Yesterday was grim, I didn't speak to anyone all day and I was feeling quite down.

I had a few drinks last night, not too many and got up and went for a jog/walk to my local park. I spoke to my neighbour when I got back and then called my brother. It sounded as though he had not done much better than me yesterday only speaking to the girl in his local shop.

I cooked my chicken for dinner tonight, prepared the veg and sorted out a letter to go. I also spoke with someone and then emailed someone about a running club in my area so will go and see where that is in a few minutes. I had a good chat with my friends that walk their dogs on the park.

It is amazing the difference 24 little hours can make and it endorses the fact that no matter how bad today seems there is a good chance tomorrow may be better. I will try and hold that thought and see were it takes me!!!

Oh well won't ramble on.

Regards, laverdasf


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5 Replies

  • Hi Laver,

    This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your good day with us! 🤗

  • Thank you for your reply. But anything would have been an improvement on yesterday lol.

  • Thank u laverdasf!!! Its so helpful for people to hear posts like this! So many people have days when they just feel so hopeless and feel they cant go on but u NEVER know what tomorrow will bring-something wonderful could be right around the corner even if its just a peaceful walk in the park😄🌈

  • Thank you for your response. Today has been as good as yesterday was bad and it wasn't really that bad just no conversation with a human. However, today the people I see when walking the dogs were in the park and when I told them about yesterday they were sorry they hadn't seen me. I do at least know I have good caring friends which helps. i must just accept that some days are going to better than others, crikey I am 61 perhaps I should know that already!! Tomorrow not looking brilliant but I have things to do and it is best just to wait and see how it goes I guess.

    Take care.

    Regards, laverdasf

  • Yep im 55 and i still need to be reminded of that too!! Best wishes 🌸

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