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Big guy went on trip!!

Well off I went to Manchester to the BBC Yesterday so the children of our Drama School could be on the Slammer

Today I feel very tired now this is how it went .

Woke up feeling better felt a little wobbles on the way but once we had arrived felt bad sat in the KFC this was a bad idea had anxiety could not eat it so had to go sit on a rock in the middle of a car park waiting for the rest of the 39 strong group this was a no good situation, had wait for the other 37 to come out of the mac Ds this felt bad anxiety in the middle of a car park we then moved on to the museums I had to come out sweating thou it was very warn and by the feeling overwhelmed

Afraid did some relaxation via an app on a bench this worked somewhat enough so that I

Went into another Museum for the last 15 mins to test myself this was ok but I was not staying long !

We went back on the coach and went to media world 200 children and very existed and did not feel that bad the day went well from there all had a fantastic day !!

In reflection I feel I did the right thing but i had thought that I was getting better i can only think its going to take me longer to get better

Feel very tired but will go to the Gym today and take time out

Thankyou for your comments you helped me make the right choose so you are heroes yesterday who helped me threw

Thanks so much to you all

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Well done :)

I'm so pleased you




Really well done for going, those children will remember that for the rest of their lives and you were part of that. I cannot say how pleased I am you went.



Cheers so much, feel pretty crap today think it must be that I'm tired. The KFC went in the bin lol due to the anxiety but got threw the day but I've just thought when I went to Asda etc would feel like this that but this was a city BBC 200 kids there was 39 of us I must be getting better in retrospect there no wat I could have done this a few months ago


I'm not surprised your shattered, anxiety takes it out of you. I always say when I've had a panic attack I feel like I've run a marathon . So take it easy on yourself today xx



Well done you :)

I did wonder if you would have gone & pleased to see you did , it amazes me the fears we have & anxiety when we post , to then read we did it :)

O love KFC & as I was reading you post , I thought was worth going just for the KFC , so yes you need the gym today to work that of ;)

I hope you have a lovely day :)





yes gym for a full on workout KFC went in the bin lol


O no :o

I would have eaten that for you , never mind , you still did well :)



Well done

So pleased you made it :-)


Yes me to


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