Fed up with it. Annoyed

I'm just getting really annoyed with everything that's been going on the past 2 years or so. My anxiety / panic/ depression whatever the doctors "think" I have. I'm getting annoyed because day after day, month after month I can never fully describe what I feel like. I see other posts on here that they can identify the problem, but fit me it's the complete opposite. It's as if something has ALTERED in my brain and is just taken over. Short term memory is out the window, concentration etc. I don't get headaches... maybe once in awhile normal headaches but not alarming. The symptoms I have are just the same ever f****** day. Sorry for the language but I'm so over it. I'm sick of being in this fog. (I'm not one bit suicidal, don't mean to come across that way)


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  • I don't get headaches daily. I said that in terms of making a point that i see other people on here saying they have a lot of headaches and that's not me. It's just I can't focus, multitask like use to, numb, always feel "dull". Time always feels sped up. If you could take a look at my other post. It literally explains me

  • Your symptoms may not be anxiety,fibromyalgia has the same symptoms-memory loss,poor concentration and "fibrofog".Doctors put everything down to anxiety because they dont consider all possibilities for symptoms.

  • That's a very sweeping statement about doctors rainbow 58. Have to say that's never been my experience. I haven't been to my practice often up until the last few years but have seen all of them at some point , I've always found them to be very thorough. Maybe I've just been lucky.

  • maybe i shouldnt have said that-but i have experienced this from one gp at my practice.fibro fog strikes again.

  • Hey! It's good to hear that you are annoyed. It would be better to hear that you actu severely pissed off! That would indicate that you are ready to take an authentic action to regain your health! My anxiety begun 9 years ago. It happened in an instant. Prior to that there was nothing at all, no problems. Something broke in my body, I thought. Went to see maybe 50 or more docs in a period of 2.5 years. There was nothing to explain what was happening to me. Test after test revealed nothing and yet I have suffered daily with panic attacks that lasted up to 6 hours at a time more than once a day and never ending variety of other stmptoms. I though that I was going to die. Prior to that, I have never questioned medical establishment. I was swallowing all the pills they have prescribed for years! They were like God's! I believed 100%. And then the believe vanished to 0%. But I didnt give up. I had no idea about nutrion or alternative treatments. Had no clue at all about anything except that what my doctors told me was the only thing there was or would be. More or less it would be a grave sin to question a doctor. So after I begun my independent search something opened up. It didn't happen right away but I understood how much I didn't know what I didn't know. Anyway, I wrote a post today that I would like to share with you. Most people, unfortunately, will remain in the same state of being while continuously hoping that something miraculously will change for the better. Unfortunately, that's just our human nature.

    There will always be something. There always be the 'next symptom'. And if you think you could get rid of all the symptoms you have ever experienced in your entire life, I guarantee, there would be another and another and another symptom that your mind would hook on. That's the nature of anxiety. We become so crazy self focused it cannot be any other way. More and more people become afflicted with anxiety as never before. And it happens in first world countries at an alarming rate where medicine us so 'highly' advanced. Do your research and compare rate of anxiety between first world countries and third world countries. You may be surprised. There may be many different factors as to the cause of anxiety. But ask yourself what has changed to highest degree in last 20 years? Environmental factors have change! Food and water have changed! Food tastes better with never ending variety but what has happened to its nutritional value? It has gone to hell! Ask any doctor that you know how many hours of nutrion he/she had in med school. 20? 10? 4? It's insane! Ask your grandparents or any grandparents if they even knew anybody! with Anxiety or depression. My grandmother went through WWII with 7 childre, had to feed them somehow and relocate to a place 400 miles where she lived. She and other people like her and actually every single person in Europe should all be afflicted with Anxiety and depression but it happened so rarely! Our food is so severely depleted of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients we should ring the bells for alarm 20 or 30 years ago. Yet, all you hear it's silence. Change you diet. Stay on it for at least 3 months. Eat more quality vegetables and fruits. Less white flour or best is none. Take quality mineral abd vitamin supplements. Walk 30 min a day. Drink plenty of 'clean' water. Stop drinking if you do, smoking if you do and see what happens. Reduce your body inflammation by staying away from inflammatory foods. There is no quick fix! If there was, you and millions of other people would hear about it by now. Take total ownership of your body and of your life. Feel so good as never before in your life! Take action right now!

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