Welp one of my reasons I can seem to get over my fear of death

So I don't know if many or any of you heard of the actor Tommy from a famous comdey sitcom called Martin. Well it was just released that he has passed away from a brain anurism. 😧 first off I'm definitely saddened yo hear this. He was a great actor. But secondly it has just made my anxiety grow more. Just to hear it was because of a brain anurism scares me to thinkING about my headaches I've been getting. The dull headaches, the head pressure, the sharp pains at times, the dizziness. And even before I saw the sad news about this I was already worried thinking all kinds of negative thoughts like brain tumor, anurism, etc. Now I'm even more worried because I can't help but think, that anurism can happen out of nowhere and I'm am trying so hard not to go to dr. Google to look up symptoms. Please forgive me for letting this thoughts of mine carry over on this forum but I can't lie I am freaked out. And this always happens and adds to my fear of death. I've said I need to stay off social media for a while because sometimes I'll see bad news on it which adds to my anxiety. Again I'm sorry if I sound stupid for thinking like this. But this is what goes through my mind when things like this happen. Now I'm back worried. I can't never seem to break this cycle.


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  • Icanbeatthis

    Don't avoid any of it as this reinforces the message you are sending to your brain that there is a threat which keeps your fear/flight mechanism switched on. It is just your anxiety playing tricks on you. Please read my post "Doing nothing works" and follow the advice.

    I couldn't bear hearing or seeing the word anxiety. Now I'm typing it and saying it every day on this website and don't give a toss. Call its bluff and read about aneurysms until you stop reacting. To overcome anxiety, you have to face your fears, not run away from them. I know it's hard but not impossible. It's just a thought or a feeling.

    Beevee 🙂

  • I will re read what you have posted. I have always admired your advice as it seems so logical. I just know what my main trigger of this anxiety is and I have to learn to be comfortable with it in order to get through this. Thank you for responding

  • Buddy, just let this feeling of anxiety wash over you and feel every little aspect and embrace it. Sounds crazy but trust me you're better off for it later so you don't have more episodes like this. We can all die at any moment, hell a asteroid could hit and bam over like that, looking up symptoms won't stop it but it also won't cause it. Its the anxiety trick and its riding you right now. Hell it rode me last week about my blood pressure lol now I'm laughing at my self friend. Read a book or history but don't focus on death.

  • The crazy thing is that I do cope and let it come over me when I have symptoms. Not all the time but I can tell I'm doing better but it's moments like this that trigger my thoughts and I know I need to stop being afraid of something I have no control over.

  • You got this friend

  • That's all anxiety doing that making you think like that. You can't die from anxiety . It's the opposite. And as far as anirusums go if you have one you probably would not ever know it. . And we come in to the world not remembering And we leave not remembering. The more you worry about your normal aches and pains the more anxiety intensifies them . If you don't want to fear things then you need to train yourself to think more positive like you would if you did not have anxiety and just brush off little pains like you would with out anxiety the better you will feel. I believe your ok and separate yourself from awful things that happen to others . Everyone has there own way of going . But until then try not to worry about things that have not happened . By doing that your quality of living goes down . Anxiety is the opposite of dieing remember that.! Take care!

  • You are so right. I can definitely say it's my terrible negative thoughts that keep me in this loop. I get disappointed in myself a lot for being in such a negative mind state all because of my fears or worries. And it's like I wasn't this bad before. I know it's this anxiety doing this to me.

  • All you have to do is change your mind set . Don't fight anxiety let it come and then let it pass but keep your thinking positive threw it and breath threw it as well.

  • Yes I have tried something to see if it may make a difference since I knew my thought process was so stuck on negative thoughts and thinking the worse all the time. So I've written down 10 positve phrases in relation to me and my life and have vowed to read it out loud every day. Things to tell myslef. I don't know if it will work but I figure to give it a try to help with my thinking process.

  • Hi. I think that's an excellent idea. Studies show that you'll resonate more with what you have written down as opposed to ideas just inside your mind, in other words, you'll find them more persuasive. And have them in a place where you can see them everyday.

    I noticed that you also struggle with negative thoughts. You can also jot down those as well. But here's the difference: when you write down your automatic negative thoughts, you actually take away their power. You will see them as nothing more than tricks that your mind is playing with you. When you have them out of your head and on paper, you'll be much more effective at challenging them and replacing each negative thought with a more rational one.

    You're kicking anxiety in the butt :)

  • Oh great I'm glad to hear this is a good idea that I've decided to adopt. I've heard of this before but never took this idea seriously until now because I can see for myslef how my mind frame is so negative and I think the worse. I figure to give something a shot. But I will also try what you said as far as writing out the negative thoughts too. I just hope I can began to act on more positive things. I'm so stuck in tunnel vision I have to find a way out of this.

  • You're doing great. You'll get there.

  • The media is the worst for fuelling fear of death, because not only do we see almost daily reports of someone famous dying, we bombarded with ads about life insurance & funeral plans, the only way to avoid this would be not to watch tv, go online or read newspapers!

  • You are right. I've just said to myself how I must stay away from Google and social media because it's so negative at times. But it looks like I need to turn off my tv too. Now that my anxiety is at an all time high, anything can set me off. Any news that's no good will have me worried.

  • You are so right Hairy Fairy, I have life threatening illnesses & am terrified of dying in my sleep......but not sleeping doesn't help my health so it's a no no situation 🌹🌹

  • I know exactly how you feel. And my anxiety made things worse because I couldn't eat or I wasn't getting good sleep and those are the two main things we need to even function.

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