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Today I forced myself out... it was pretty okay. I was so heavy like someone was sitting on my shoulders but after forcing myself it went away. I tried doing things and interacting with people but the thoughts were still there. Every little thing makes me think about dying. I never was this bad but I'm going to keep on until hopefully these thoughts disappear. I'm also having interruptions more frequently with my sleep patterns.


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  • Hi well done you are doing the right thing,going out with your anxiety,it takes some time,but the more you do it ,the less anxious you will feel,as you are now telling your mind that you are stronger than the anxiety and no longer will it stop you doing anything,i have health anxiety too as well as other things going on,and yes dying thoughts are hard too handle,but there really is no other way to do this other than,changing thought pattern to be more positive ,we waste so much time thinking about dying and bad things happening and this can go on for years,live in the moment and enjoy every day,keep strong

  • Thank You so true. I don't want to be stuck like this lol so I'm trying to move forward.

  • Well done on taking steps to go out of your comfort zone. While your out and feeling high anxiety hold your breathe for 20/25 secs and then a deep breathe out. Focus on your surroundings i.e. Look for things around you that are green, blue etc. Have you had any counselling, cbt, read self help groups? X

  • The dreaded thoughts of death.....yet if we look at so many others in horrible situations we are actually lucky......I read about young innocent people who are killed and who are suffering and try to remind myself it could really be worse...but it is NOT easy to do. Thoughts consume us. When out of control that is when I need to take an Ativan. All we can do is take it one day at a time.

  • It's so hard making yourself do thing with anxiety, I know. But do it, don't give in to it 🌸

  • I often feel like I will pass out from the fear, of course this increases the panic mode. It can certainly keep you housebound and feeling very hopeless

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