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Does anyone feel spaced out and dream like and then you feel dizzy and you can be in the house chilling but you still feel disconnected, obviously you know where you are but its like everything looks and seems different. I have dealt with this years ago and then it came back and I get so afraid I'm going to drop down dead or I have some horrific tumour in my brain. This is how I think I am a hypercondriac and addicted to thinking the worst. If it's not breast cancer it's cervical cancer if not I have a brain tumor. I have taught myself into it so much I actually believe I have one and I am waiting to die. I do get better then slip back into this and honestly I don't wanna live my life like this because it's a horrible way to live in such a beautiful world. I meditate I Have read a. lol called the secret and I try so hard but still I have these thoughts. I know the dream like will go when I don't think of it but I am struggling ! Help


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  • I know what you mean. I'm convinced I have breast cancer. I feel like I have it & it's getting worst & im gonna pass away soon from it. I'm terrified to go & get an examination but I know if I don't either way I'm going to go nuts. I just feel ill like drained on another level. Other times I can feel completely normal, I'm pretty sure I have chest anxiety I always feel this pressure a good amount of time & this weird sensation that's hard to explain. I get lightheaded at times sometimes blurry vision it never ends & im so sick of living like this. 😔

  • Just hang in there and don't let yourself slip back into all of this 😊 you're out of it so continue to stay out of it and don't let it run your life, may God bless you

  • Hi, I feel spaced out and my eyes don't focus properly. Like being in a dream, I keep shaking my head as if to wake up. Get reall y off balance as well, also numbness in my face. Do you get that?

  • Yes I feel like I'm dying

  • Yes it does make you feel like it. I'm on medication, have been for years, but not working so good now. Sometimes I take a herbal supplement called Kalms they slow you down a bit. I also have vertigo and aggraphobia, so it's difficult getting out the house. I walk with a stick for support. I hope you feel a bit better soon. Have you had your thyroid checked? I am this week.

  • Yes I have had all my bloods done and that was included. I feel dizzy I don't get headaches that much though. I honesty think I have a brain tumour or something. I can't believe this to be anexity

  • IHi Zobro iused to think the same. I know someone who thought they had a brain tumour, they had an MRA scan and found nothing it was all stress related. I hope this will reassure you.xx

  • Have you had a scan

  • No I haven't. I've had for years, so I think if I had something I would have known by now.

  • I am dizzy now. The more o think about it the worse it is

  • That is frightening. I get that a lot.

  • This is one of the most horrible symptoms of anxiety. I have experienced it quite a bit over the past few years and I can't stand it. I know where I'm at but I just feel disconnected from everything. everything seems surreal. sometimes the feeling scares me so much it even throws me into a panic and I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack. I try to find something to do to occupy my mind so the feeling will go away. I found this is pretty much the only thing that works.

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