Getting Frustrated

Ugh, I keep thinking there's sonething medically wrong! But nobody believes me :/ I feel worn out and drained! Scary thoughts....occasional panic attacks....burning skin, depersonalization, etc.

I've had this for almost a year and have only gone to the doc's once but nothing was found and I felt worse back then than I do now.

My mom took me to the doc's in the beginning, saying "I know she's not going to find anything."

And my mom was right! So she knows me really well and says I'm fine but I have such difficulty believing it! I don't even feel human anymore.


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6 Replies

  • Hi I'm feeling the same way :-(. My family is tired of it. I keep telling them i know there's something wrong with me. I recently went to get a blood test and i got my results and the doc said everything was good. I just have a uti but I'm still not convinced. If I'm fine then why do i feel dizzy with head pressure. Why do i feel unbalanced when i walk ugh my body hurts from being so tense. All i can think about is i have some kind of disease..ugh your not alone

  • Same. I used to have dizziness and head pressure. My problem now is feeling like my body is just gonna shut down. It just feels wrong and like....weak.

  • Me too. My body feels exhausted. It's so bad that I cry sometimes because I want to feel like me again. I even made an appt to see a neurologist because of my head pressure and tightness i feel around my head. It feels like my head muscles are super tight but i have to wait till the 31st of this month

  • My body just feels I'll with the hot skin and stuff. I had that with my head but it went away when I stopped thinking about it. I've had every head pressure in the book.

  • Hi,I felt like you for ages.I cant remember when I didnt get up in the morning feeling completely drained,and achy,to anxiety issues to dizzy heads.I know that part of this is to do with low mood swings,and depression.But,unfortunatley it is part of being me

  • I know how you feel I have been to the doctor numerous times and its frustrating because no one can give you an answer.

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