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I have been feeling like something is stuck in throat for a week now when I went to the clinic told them they just give amoxyeillin and this pills make me dizzy the weast part is I went for shopping when I was in line to pay I felt like my body is shuting down and my mouth get dry I walk out of the shop go home without my things because I thought im dieing that moment pls help me my people what should I do because im just getting thiner and thiner of this thinking

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So you've had your throat examined? what exactly did they say when they gave you the medication at clinic? X

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iyaa in reply to suzie482

They say its coldness because the weather is changing but I dont believe them

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suzie482 in reply to iyaa

Did they look in your throat too? Xxx

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Paws1925 in reply to suzie482

I hope you feel better soon.

You see the feeling of a lump or obstruction in the throat is actually a very common complaint amongst anxiety sufferers, I too experienced it myself a few years ago, but it's always best to have it checked properly before you relate it to anxiety :-) xxx

iyaa, as suzie482 stated, feeling a lump or obstruction in your throat is a very common complaint among anxiety sufferers. Since the doctor gave you Amoxicillin, I'm not sure if they found a virus. Usually with anxiety being the cause, it's best to hydrate to alleviate that dry throat feeling. When nervous we tend to mouth breathe. When we mouth breathe the throat get parched and so dry it feels as if we can't swallow which then just feeds more into our anxiety. I think when you were in the store that is what happened. You got scared and all the other symptoms of anxiety came flooding in. When trying to eat, start with foods that are easy to swallow and always take a sip of a beverage in between to lubricate the throat. A gentle message of the front of your throat will help relax the tight muscles as well.

If you have a virus and with the loss of weight you are experiencing, that it better off addressed by a doctor. We are not doctors and can only advise you on things pertaining to anxiety. We want you to feel better. I would call the doctor back or set up another appointment. Take care of yourself x

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iyaa in reply to Agora1

Thank you agora yes I loss weight due to breastfeeding, but still I have to go back again to be clear of things

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Agora1 in reply to iyaa

iyaa, I remember reading your earlier posts in that you just had a baby and were breastfeeding. All the more important for you to go back to your doctor for your welfare and the babys. Good Luck dear x

Suzie yes its like a lump

wow I have that exact same symptom when I get real bad anxiety which has happened twice in my life so far. The last time it happened the thought of food made me nauseous and I couldn't eat at all. I ended up loosing about 6 pounds in three days. It's a very common symptom. Mine went away after a few days and after I saw my doctor and therapist

Yes I have had this too, a few months ago. I got checked over and there was nothing to be seen. Anxiety gives me so many wierd

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