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Hello everyone was wondering if anyone could help me for the last 3 years there is not one day that goes by without me feeling like my head is going to explode my whole feels like im off balance, been to every doctor, Ive been put on anxiety medicine , I go off because nothing symptons when this happens I get more anxiety because I think something is going to happen to me as im driving or at work...Please help....


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  • I need help to too about this . Let me know if people comment .

  • Its the most horrible thing I ever experienced....yes I will

  • Hi

    Pease read the post I made earlier today called "You won't get better until you stop trying to get better." The root cause of all anxiety disorders is fear. Lose the fear and recovery will follow. You just need to change your attitude towards anxiety and make it your friend, welcoming it in and letting it say it's piece without any resistance. It takes time but this approach gives your mind and body the space it needs to recover which up to now has not been possible because you are constantly getting in the way by trying to fight it all.

  • Thanks for the response, the thing that makes me so afraid is they never diagnosed with anxiety....Sometimes I don't even know how I pull through the day with work....After all this happened I was driving and I had a panic attack, I did learn to beat them....

  • Same for me. I had lots of different physical symptoms including bowel trouble, jaw pain, lumps in throat, blurred vision, shortness of breath , heart palpitations. The doctor eventually said I was physcosematic (had to look that up) and gave me medication which just made me feel worse, adding more fear into the equation and pushing me deeper into the anxiety cycle. I think there are few doctors who truly understand anxiety and only too keen to prescribe medication. The fact that there are dozens of different types of anti-depressants out there suggests to me that they don't really know about the condition. I appreciate that they do help some people but not for me so I gave them all up. I learnt about anxiety (from people who had suffered and recovered) and how it manifests and dispelled a lot of the fear which is the root cause of all anxiety disorders. Once you lose the fear, recovery is inevitable.

  • I know your right, as far as medicines I gave them all up also...My panic attacks I became great in beating them but this other feeling for some reason I cant seem to beet it no matter how I try....To top it all then I here about someone passing away very young with heart attacks then it scares me.....Thanks for replying I guess I have to keep hering that someone else feels the same way....

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