Terrified of Colon Cancer

Hi everyone, I've been looking at some of the posts on here and figured that their are a lot of nice and understanding people on here so I really need to get this off my chest. First of all I just turned 28 this month on the 8th, since the end of 2015 I've been experiencing stomach aches but those gradually went away throughout last year. Then had a hemmoroidal scare in the middle of last year where for about two days I had bleeding that would fill the stool and when I used TP. Then I used prep H and medical wipes and that cleared up. Then towards the end of last year got dull abdominal pain daily, had some occasions of bleeding that would stop around 2 or 3 days. Saw my doc and I'm a huge hypochondriac and have hated and am terrified of needles so it took me a month but I gutted it out and got a blood test done with normal results also got a stool sample done with normal results. So I just tried convincing myself that I'm ok but another part of my brain was saying that I have a serious disease or cancer. For weeks on end I would use Dr Google find all the bad things and horror stories and would get loose stools, not diahreea though. It's pretty rare that I have 3 stools a day usually at the most only two. After every doc appointment (which has been 11 times so far) my doc who is very caring, says that i don't have anything serious wrong but said that if I need to he'll refer me to a gastroenterologist. I'm nervous about seeing one as my pain tolerance is very low, can't handle a simple shot and have had nothing but bad experiences. I really wanna go the less invasive route of tests but I don't know what those are. He also said he's not keen on me getting a colonoscopy, which I agree with him because I've had a family member who now is having problems cause the Dr punctured her on accident. So my doctor's know how much I'm terrified of that test. Skip to the past couple of months I've been feeling somewhat better, would have normal stools for awhile then a bit of hard stools. After straining a bit hard I felt a little burning feeling and would see little bit of bright blood on the TP. Now fast forward to this week after seeing my doc and using Dr Google once again I'm terrified I have colon cancer and I'm terrified because I wanna continue living my life and spending time with my family. I needed to talk to someone and im hoping I can get some encouragement and positive thoughts thrown my way. I do wanna add I have depression, high anxiety and borderline schizophrenic. Thanks for listening everyone and I'd appreciate any help.


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  • I say go to the gastro for peace of mind. Also, get yourself some good probiotics. The ones that you find in the fridge at the vitamin shop or the whole food stores. That way you are sending a bunch of good bacteria to your colon and gut and that will also give you peace of mind and normal bowels moments. And get off google.

  • I agree. Get off Google and take probiotics. I had gut trouble due to antibiotics but am now on probiotics and have notice a great improvement x

  • I'm gonna do that :) Thank you very much for your advice

  • Thank you very much for the advice :) I'm definitely gonna see the gastro to get some peace of mind. I'll do that :) Thank you once again

  • Are you at least seeing a psychiatrist and getting regular treatment for your mental illnesses?

    Sorry to tell you but if you want to continue living, you have to go see doctor, get a referral to a good proctologist and see if there is better treatment for your situation.

  • Sounds like you have health anxiety specific to your colon. I have health anxiety about a number of things. There is help for health anxiety. You could look for a psychologist who specializes in health anxiety, or a support group. There is an on line group: dailystrength.org/group/hyp...

  • Thank you very much, just joined :)

  • Hi RockstarRob55. I hope within the last month, things have settled down some for you. When we have anxiety, it is best not to Google. We have enough imagination w/o adding more to the pot. As for your fear regarding your colon issues, I think anyone would be concerned especially when seeing blood. Did you know that most red blood that is seen comes from something as benign as hemorrhoids (external or internal) which can be easily remedied. It sounds like your doctor is very aware of your fear of needles and any invasive testing. Hopefully he will be able to work around that issue just to give you some peace of mind. I hope you are doing better. Please continue to come to the forum whenever you need understanding or support. We do care about each other. :)

  • Thank you very much Agora1 :) Things have gotten better on that end of things now , im having new symptoms that are causing my anxiety to worsen. I was in the ER twice in one week cause I thought I was having heart attacks cause I had jaw tightness, with some chest pain/pressure that would come and go, pricks of pain in my arms, legs, tightness feeling in my head. Got a few EKGS done, a specialized EKG that shows damage to the heart, blood tests with the Tronopin test included, X Ray's, blood pressure checked and all came back fine. I was in the ER hooked up to a EKG for about a hour. Symptoms started to dissapaite and went away for about a week and then I also had a Abdominal Ultrasound done too just to check my gallbladder and that was fine too. Now for the past two days I have some jaw tightness, head tension, some dull chest pain that lasts maybe at the most a minute then goes away, and a little pricks of pain in my arms, legs, fingers. So now I'm dealing with this and it sucks

  • RockstarRob55 Quite a work up they gave you. I'm glad everything looked good. It sounds like what you may be experiencing now is over sensitized nerve pain giving you little pricks of pain in your arms, legs and fingers. The jaw tightness and head tension can be the way you are carrying your anxiety and fear by bearing down on your teeth or grimacing. That tension would end up affecting your head as well. Dull chest pain that doesn't last long is once again probably chest wall muscle. I've been through all this and more from time to time. Sometime having some reasonable answers to what may be causing it can help reduce your anxiety and worry. I hope so. :)

  • What you said definitely makes me feel a bit better :) But with the grimacing , I'm not going through that it's just jaw and teeth tightness and feels like pressure building in the head that comes and goes. I don't understand what could have sparked these symptoms. I accidentally went one day without my meds, I'm back on now though

  • Possibly the skip of meds brought down the level enough for this to break through but who knows. I hope you feel better soon.

  • That's what I was thinking too cause about a month ago I had gone a month without my meds cause I had no refills and my doc was on vacation. Don't know if that would of done it either. Thank you very much :)

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