Lost half a stone in a week is this really anxiety or is there something wrong with me ??

So half a stone in a week I'm only small to start with can't really afford to loose much more is this anxiety?? I want all this to stop I hate it from thinking I'm dying to Iv got a brain tumour , my hearts been racing since 6am Iv got a pain in my shoulder is this a heart attack ? I don't want to get up and see to my kids Iv got a knot in my stomach I feel sick just can't cope πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜ž


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  • I lost quite a lot of weight with my anxiety, if it puts your mind at rest I'm sure the doctor will reassure you

  • My appitite has just gone I'm having to force myself to eat 😒 X

  • Exactly what happened to me, you just slowly got to introduce food into your diet again don't force yourself

  • It will take away that appetite cuz sometimes I have to do the same thing

  • Hope your okay hun. I feel a bit better today but I'm gonna go to gym and see if exercise really does help like the doctors have said that exercise is the best thing. I am the same as u I have lost weight too but I'm just eating tiny portions now cos I sometimes get a choking sensation when I eat so it puts me off. Have u taken another one of your citalopram today? Xxx

  • Hi Hun glad your feeling better today and your off to the gym yeah Iv heard they say exercise is great for stress anxiety etc but due to me having my baby I don't get chance to join a gym but I do a lot of walking which helps .. Yeah I'm eating little meals and fruit Hun and even then can't seem to eat it all Iv been vomiting all morning I did take a tablet but brought it straight back up I think so currantly on the sofa feeling terrible 😒 Hope you have a fab day Hun enjoy the gym xx

  • Aww bless u. Do ya think the tablets are even helping or do ya think it's them that's making u sickly? I have to go to gym through the day with the kids being at school. I really feel sorry for u cos u are suffering really bad. I'm having an okay day today but I'm hoping it lasts but it never does really. I normally get one good nites sleep then the rest bad but only time will tell. I want to take my tablets but when I wake up feeling okay I think no I don't need them but when I'm bad again I feel like kicking myself for not trying them xxx

  • I don't know what's up with me Hun don't know if it's tablets or me worrying about taking tablets the doctor did say can take up to two weeks to start feeling a difference so not something that's going to happen over night my husband has had to take the rest of the week off work to help me out so I'm getting plenty of rest at least just hope I have a good day soon xx enjoy yours Hun xx

  • Feeling the exact same way you all are . Do you all get pains in your stomach and sides ? And when go to eat do you get full fast ?

  • Yes Hun it's horrible this time 9 days ago I felt fine love my food now Iv been a complete different person since than my anxiety has hit peak and it won't come down feel more on edge since taking tablets x

  • πŸ˜“ so sorry you brought me to tears earlier because it truly hurts my heart when I read something that I'm going through. And for someone else to feel the pain I do just hurts my soul.

  • Aww Hun are you feeling the same ? I'm sorry 😒this anxiety just takes over everything don't it ? I wouldn't wish it on anyone and as for medication well I guess it has to get worse before it gets better so they say 😩 I'm completely exhausted I have an 18mth old baby I need to get better and fast my family need me my husband has taken this week off work to help me but feeding Monday when he goes back to work 😒 Xx

  • I completely understand. I have been to that point. I have a 4 year old daughter and my boyfriend. I can't even cook for them . It's so sad . I keep going back and forth the the doctors. I have heath anxiety and keep thinking I have some sort of GI cancer πŸ™„ I'm 29 years old . Not even the the age group for it . But in June I got sick and it triggered my anxiety.

  • Aw Hun it's disableing isn't it this anxiety disorder or what ever label they give it completely takes over your thinking your body your senses I'm thinking I have a brain tumour now if it's not a heart attack im having, its a stroke or something else I convince myself I'm dying today had brain scan heart scan ct scan 2 and a half years ago and all clear but you think it's been so long maybe I have got a tumour etc etc I'm exsaused and was sleeping ok until I started medication only on day two and I'm worse x

  • Yup I had a Ct scan in June I had kidney stones and gallbladder stones and some funky ass swollen lymph nodes ! Then I googled it and now question my GI doctor my primary and another doctor in his office! Wtf ! My stomach problem probably never got back to normal because I keep the symptoms going. But they actually are there but you should play into them easer said then done .

  • It's madness it's us who do this to ourselfs with our over thinking but with anxiety you just can't seem to change your mind set well I can't this is the longest Iv ever felt like this I get panic attacks yeah and hated them but I'd rather that and get over it in half hour then this feeling of constant worry and fear every bloody second 😒 X

  • Right ! I wish I could be the old me . But I'll wait it out I guess . Sometimes I feel like nobody understands. Just like I'm sure a lot of us must really feel these symptoms with no real reason why ? So then the paranoia sets in .

  • Yep Hun same here 😒 One thought leads to another and another and then panic that I'm dying I just want to learn to control this shit I want it gone I want to sleep to its nearly 1am 😫 X

  • It's 7 pm here . I live in Kansas City Missouri. In the USA . It really sucks . I ate a salad now my tum is making noises it's like I'm expecting it to hurt or for my food not to set right. Bullshit 🀧

  • Wow so far away I'm in the UK Birmingham and yeah been in bed since 10pm and still not asleep 😳 I'm like that at the minute with food it makes me feel sick x

  • We are going to pull through this ! I been in YouTube a lot trying different things. So hopefully that works . My doctor gave me Prozac but I'm scared to try it . So I meet with a psychologist on the 6th and I'm going to start yoga . I want to try everything I can before I take the medicine. I was on lexapro or whatever for two days and I felt like my skin was on fire . So strange. I ended up in the er and couldn't even stay seated .

  • Hi,

    Did you have your gb removed? I have the same thing going on.

  • Sorry for the delayed response no I have not had it removed and I don't believe that my doctor has any plans on removing it anytime soon . Unless it starts causing me pain πŸ˜•

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