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Oh Crap!!!

Went into work to pick up my uniforms. I got an idea of what Ill be doing.. and it scared the crap out of me... My anxiety went from 0 to 100 in a second..... I was under the impression that my job was helping to run the catering Not running the catering.... There is no way I can jump in at full speed and put together a dinner for 100 people.... I may have to tell them today that I can`t do it .....God I was hoping that getting back to work in a small way would be good for me..... But this level of responsibility right away after not working for 5 years and being in this anxiety driven mind set is not going to make things any better..... Now I feel terrible and my anxiety is full on.... Ill have to take my Xanax soon if I can't relax......What was I thinking taking on a job this soon after all the stress I have been through.... I am so panicky now about calling the chef... If I don't Ill have an attack at work and Ill have to leave.... But if icall and quite Ill feel like I have let myself down I am in a bind here what am I to do.....

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Ok I just got off the phone with the Chef... He assured me that I wouldn't be left alone to do it all... The Guy I spoke to was wrong in his assumption that i was going to be responsible for the whole show..... So I do feel a lot better now..... Im sure that I will need my Xanax for the first few days So I have that as a help as well...I am so glad I called him and was honest about my worries ... steve


Hey Steve

Well done for calling:)

I'm glad you got that sorted out, it's not what you need right now.

I really hope you enjoy your new job Steve :)

Thinking of you and sending you hugs :) x


I'm glad your feeling better about the situation and that you had the courage to phone. although it was not very helpful of the other guy to tell you you would be doing it by yourself. Hope things go okay.



Hi mystery yes.. glad to get the proper story ...did not need the stress today.. steve


HI Steve x It has been a little shock for you by the sounds of things x Try to calm down and think about it in a rational sense, at the end of the day the choice is as always yours. If you think that this job maybe to much have a word and ask if you can be part of the team but not leading it up. They must think you are capable to be giving you such a job and I know you are but health must come first and honest if it will be to much talk it though x If they are not willing to let you step down a tad then tell you may have to decline as you have a health problem. It could be that they listen and respect your ask. xx Hope you get it sorted Donna xx


I agree.... we`ll just have to see.. thank you steve


My job is the only thing that keeps me sane and I have to feed 650+ school children a day,I go on auto pilot every day as its so busy and fast paced I have no time to think about any thing else. Before I go and as soon as I finish my mind starts playing with me and I'm I'll. I must be the only person who hates 13 weeks holidays a year. Use the job to your advantage to keep your mind focused x


Very good advice... In my more sane moments I think that as well... For me its like jumping onto a fast moving train when i've been standing at the station for 5 years.. thank you steve


Don't forget to give yourself time to get used to your new surroundings and colleagues and the daily routine and you will do it!!!


Hi steve.

When I started my last job ,I was put into a similar situation,, I was successful for nearly a year!

Then they started to pile on more work and pretty soon it got too much for me ,

well done steve for knowing your limitations ,,, you will get there eventually ! but do it in your own time ,,don't let them rush you.

I agree with donna about your capabilities though,

Take it easy steve.



hi steve, that must have been a terrible shock to you, it certainly would not have helped your anxiety at all, well done for having the guts to phone the chef to clear that up,.i would take whatever you need for at least the first few days in your new job, please keep us posted , and hope you enjoy working again. all the very best to you . jasper x


Hi Steve :-) taking some big steps there but remember can do this, just your anxiety makes you think you can't, anything is possible :-)


Hope you went for it!


Hi Steve, firstly well done for pushing yourself back to work after 5 years of not being able to, and also for ringing the guy and being assertive !!

Its never easy taking these steps, Ive been not working since last Sept, I was hoping to get back to work but its just brought back all my panic, so obv im just not ready!!

Ive been working for myself for some time, and I think I may have to rethink that, I don't know if I can cope with the pressure of working for myself, I may have to look at doing voluntary work first, but for the minute I have to take steps back again.....

So I know how you felt !!

Ker x


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