Having a rough week

This has not happened in a long time. I feel really bad this week. I'm just depressed. I don't really know why. I guess because I'm lonely maybe. My job is taking a toll on me a little and being a single parent. I am so tired and can't seem to shake myself out of it. All I want to do is sleep. I haven't even exercised in two days. I have noticed around that time of the month my anxiety rises more than ever. I have also noticed that I can't handle any type of stress . Whenever somebody bothers me I seem to go back to that place again. I have cut off a lot of people in my life that cause me stress. I find it hard to deal with things this week. I just wanna a reset button


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  • Hi User4567, I'm sorry it's been a rough week for you. It might mean you need a medication adjustment to the dosage or even the med itself. Please talk with your doctor regarding how down you are. The doctor may be able to find that reset button you need to feel better. x

  • I have been on it for six months now and was just getting used to it. I may need to up my dosage

  • User4567, adjustment to the dosage doesn't always mean to up it. Medication does make you feel lethargic however you should still be able to function and not want to sleep all day. Maybe you can give your doctor a call before the next appointment since it's a month away. I think it's all you have going on in your life plus the medication just wipes you out. Feel better. x

  • You are correct

  • I feel like I just want to rest and I hate feeling like this I have a doctors appointment next month

  • On a positive note, you appear to be moving toward a better life. Yes this week is bad but that means things have been better last week and possibly the week before. It's also good to hear that you're aware of it and looking to address it.

    Work stress is terrible to have to deal with. I know from experience. And it's not always within your control to change it. Gotta do your best to navigate your way around the landlines, as best you can.

    Idk what you did for exercise but what about just going for a good walk? It'll get you outside and get your heart pumping.

    Cutting off people that cause you stress is a good thing, be proud of that. Some may just be temporary, and others permanent. Life is stressful enough, no need to invite more to the party.

    Any talk therapy for you?

  • I usually walk three miles a day. I haven't been to my therapist in months due to my copay being 100 dollars a session. I'm considering finding a new therapist

  • $100 is a lot. I can appreciate your dilemma. I know some places offer a sliding scale plan so it may be worth looking around. You might also look at universities. I start Monday.

    I also walk about 3 miles, maybe 5 days a week. I never want to do it, its easier to just sit and ruminate in my negative head. But since that's not what I truly want I force myself to get out and do it. Now I've got to work on eliminating the negative thoughts that occur during the walk. One thing at a time I guess. This stuff sucks.

  • Music helps me stay focused during walking. As for the 100 dollars they said that was there sliding scale lol.

  • Not much of a slide. Is this with Dr Drew? 😜

    Call around, there has to be something cheaper. Maybe a county hospital.

  • No it's not lol I'm going to call around Monday and see if I can change

  • I think they charge so much because of the iPads in the lobby and the glacier waters they now serve in the waiting room

  • Maybe ask if the have a Southwest Airlines no frills plan. 😆

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