Is this all anxiety again

Ok guys I've been great for months. And yesterday I was just sat watching tv and I had a huge thud in my chest and felt breathless for a second like my heart added a beat. Since then I've noticed my heartbeat and my chest has felt funny. I've had ecg and bloods done a few months ago and all came back fine. Am I paranoid again ?? I can never tell anxiety and a real problem apart :(


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  • And by 'funny' I mean I'm noticing it and it's going high and slow etc

  • This is the same thing I go thru!! Health anxiety is such an asshole !!! And I can never decipher the difference between anxiety or if I'm having actual symptoms. It seems as tho it's ALWAYS THAT DAMN ANXIETY, but it feels like "how can this be anxiety????" Because whatever symptoms I think I'm having always feels so real smh

  • I might the same. I've been fine up to this kicking it all off again. It was a simple heart palpitation, we all get them, but I've never had one so now I've gone mad thinking I've got a heart problem, I've been thinking I've had a problem for years and nothing's ever come up!!

  • Because you're completely healthy but your mind wants you to think otherwise because anxiety is up there being a Bully 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • I feel like I have a sore head all d ay. I panic. I feel nausea. I have no desire to wake upi

  • I never know know too what is anxiety and what could be some heart problem.. and even i had checked my heart many times and blood tests done... all was ok.. still running to emergency when i feel my heart starts to beat too weird..

  • I dont know if this is the same symptoms as you but i get loads of heavy thuds that almost feel irregular and it makes me feel breathless, if you do its more than likely heart palpitations, my doc reassures me its normal. It can be anxiety but i mostly get mine outta the blue for no reason. I had all the tests too and nothing came back. My mum and brother get them also. Breath through them and they do pass. My doctor also told me to cut down on caffeine as it can make them alot worse. So far i get them less and only small alot since cutting down on caffeine. I hope you calm soon x suzie

  • I might exactly the same my mother and brothers get them too!

  • This is exactly how I'm feeling it feel like I'm not breathing sometimes I have to feel my chest

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