Is this panick attacks?

I've only ever had 1 panic attack when all this started about 3 months ago I felt like I needed to go hospital but I didn't my sister calmed me down and told me what was happening.. I've noticed since Boxing Day I keep choking on air? Like I can't swollow and then I feel myself burning up when I calm myself down I'm okay again.. Happens at least 2 times everyday?


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  • Not sure if that's anxiety coul be mild anxiety Hun also do you get other symptons ? It's horrible feeling you see I don't get that choking feeling and can't breath thanks god for that? I get dizziness sweating heart palpitations weakness tiredness scared to go places feel as if nothing is real my minds blank I could go on but I won't xx

  • I've got health anxiety.. I'm always panicking about something happening to me! When it happens I feel my heart racing.. But I quickly try and calm myself down by having some water of something! It's horrible xx

  • Hi. What you described has the sound of a panic attack. However, it is possible that there is a physical basis causing your reaction. If you have not already done so, it might be a good idea to consult with your doctor. Just explain your symptoms in the same way you have done here - dont leave anything out, even if you think it is trivial. They need all the information possible so that you get the correct diagnosis and treatment. I hope you feel better soon..


  • Thankyou Karl.. Your very helpful xx

  • You are very welcome :-)

  • Jess I suggest speaking to your gp he could bid she could refer you to a therapist or maybe out you in Meds. I my self don't take mess as I don't believe in them therapist is best way to hi x

  • I am actually doing cbt at the moment on week 3.. Been to the go so many times the past 3 months it's unreal.. They don't even call my name anymore just taps me on the shoulder 🙈 One out me on sertraline but the side effects were awful only had 1 so I don't want to go down that route again x

  • Morning Jess, just read this, how you feeling now?

  • Hey I'm okay Thankyou! It's not all the time just sometimes when I find myself panicking about nothing again! You okay? Xx

  • Yes think so, just tired not sleeping that good just now. Just heading for a bath, I'm surprised I've got any skin left I'm never out the bath! x

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