Is this actually Anxiety ?

Hi everyone, this is my first post on here. Ive been suffering from anxiety for the last 6 months (or so i've been told by my Dr.) I was wondering if anyone has gotten muscle twitches on the back of the arms and or anywhere else. I also seem to get a lot of tension on my neck and this sometimes causes dizziness. My mind goes off and wonders all sorts of things because of these symptoms and when I google them its even worse. I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this. I feel like im going crazy like my mind never stops.

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  • Hi Ya, Its all part of anxiety your feeling, I get muscle twitching , tension , and some really weird things come into my mind. Have you tried hypnosis? They are quite a few on youtube, I use one by Thomas hall for Panic & Anxiety and it does relax you. Wishing you well

  • Hi,I get twitches, tension and dizziness, along with all kinds of other symptoms.i also think all kinds of things and my minds always thinking about them. Try not to google, it always brings up the worst and tends to make us feel worse. I used to google so many times a day and I would be say crying to my partner saying id got all kinds of things and that something terrible is wrong. I hardly Google at all now, it is really hard not to but I no deep down it wasn't doing me any favours. Have you spoke to your doctor about therapy? X

  • I get it all the time! It's scary, Stop using google its makes things worse!!

  • Hello i had panic attacks before but now they are getting worse before i just had heart fluttering, racing thoughts, numbness,arms,fingers,stiff neck and now i get those and more now i get them panic attacks so bad it feels like im gonna have a heart attack i get so scared i wake up my boyfriend in the middle of the night i get the feeling like im going to pass out my head gets so tight i get dizzy,dry mouth, i cant sleep at all at night i stay up and sleep during the day idk why i feel panicked at night so right now its 1:29am i made some hot green tea no sugar im praying it helps me relax so i can fall asleep..

  • I too struggle to believe all this can be caused by anxiety it's came out of nowhere 4&1:2 months later I really don't know what to do

  • Yes! Started as one twitch in my calf muscle. Then spread all over. My arms, legged, etc. I even had it in my scalp, face, and neck. Terrified me. The doctor said when your body is in a constant state of stress and anxiety (even if you don't feel anxious) your body produces high levels of cortisol. Soon your body wears out. As though you've run a marathon. I went to an acupuncturist and the twitching stopped after 1 treatment.

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