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Health Anxiety and Celexa

So for the past couple years I have been extremely stressed, marriage troubles. But anyway back about 6 months ago I started having heart palpitations, and panic attacks, (I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder and GAD years ago),this is something I have dealt with off and on since being a kid.But anyway, I am now sore all over from Muscle tension, my feet, my arms and my legs due to fatigue and exhaustion. My sternomastoid muscle in my neck is swollen, the Dr says from anxiety, so he put me on Celexa a couple weeks ago and I just started taking them 3 days ago and having more anxiety it seems since. I was so scared to take the pills, they just set there for a week before I decided to take them. Can someone plz tell me if the anxiety gets worse before better when taking antidepressents?

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Well, if you waited days after your doctor prescribed the medication before taking it, your condition may have worsened a bit too. If you are in the US, you might want to call the doctor and let him know about your delay in taking the medication and how you're feeling now, but call before tomorrow as many offices will be closed for the Memorial Day weekend.


Hello, I just started celexa about a week ago and everything you're describing is exactly what I'm going threw. Palpitations, the muscle aches, my neck hurts, but it's all from anxiety I guess. I'm on a low dose (10mg) and I feel like my anxiety has lessened but I also catch myself getting anxiety about not having an anxiety or panic attack. I guess it takes some getting used too. I haven't had any palpitations today which makes me worry about getting one. Which is stressful in it's self and a pain in the ass. I also feel my dose isn't high enough. It seems like it wears off after 6-7 pm and my anxiety comes back. I would try the celexa for another few days, or try and find an urgent care if you're in the us for this weekend. I hope you feel better.

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