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Long time anxiety sufferer, first time poster... I have GAD.

As well as health anxiety. A lovely combination.

I had been managing it very well over the past couple of years after coming off the lowest dose of Cypralex, taking Ativan here and there when I felt the need.

But then this pandemic hit. And for weeks I thought I was ok. But it seems like suddenly now I’m not. I’m having daily panic, not at all over Covid, but over health “issues” that have been diagnosed as anxiety and nothing harmful.

But these anxiety symptoms are new to me. Falling asleep I “forget” how to breath and feel a swooshing or dipping in my heart rate and feel like I’m almost passing out or fainting. (Something I know happens to other people from reading posts here) Knowing that other people have this symptom IS comforting, but it doesn’t change the fact that they happen, feel real and feel like I’m going to either die or go insane.

I have been checked, my heart is fine, my bloodwork is good and a chest X-ray has been given the thumbs up and it has been declared as “just” anxiety. The ever changing beast. Just when you think you’ve had every symptom, another one comes up and slaps you in the face.

My problem now is that I’m terrified of trying to fall asleep, and since I’m terrified of falling asleep, I’m not getting any, (or enough of it.) Which in turn makes my anxiety worse.

Can anyone anyone relate? Can anyone tell how they’ve dealt with this? Has anyone overcame it? (Please be kind and consider the fact I have health anxiety and I’ll likely dwell on any response that tells me to go get checked by a doctor.. With respect, I’m not asking for medical help, I’m asking for help on how to cope with this particular symptom)

Stay safe everyone xx

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Hi there

From your post I understand that you know very well what is wrong with you but you need help with how to decrease the GAD and health anxiety.

You have already been checked by your doc and all is ok, trust that.

I will say that to me the most helpful things have been to read Claire Weekes books, exercise and I have recently started doing Mindfulness. There is an app called Insight Timer, it has a lot of free meditations some are specific for anxiety and sleeping.

It's not an overnight cure, that doesn't exist, but if you do it regularly your anxiety will decrease and in turn so will your physical symptoms.

Good luck x

lindswalt in reply to Sasical

Thank you so much for your reply. I have downloaded the app you’ve suggested and will look into the Claire Weekes books as well. I am trying to incorporate more exercise into my daily life as well. I really appreciate the advice. Sometimes reassurance is the boost we need to keep fighting. Thanks xx

Yes, I can totally relate to that. And I have GAD and health anxiety just like you. As an additional advice: if you have a very productive and interesting day and you are physically active throught the day, at evening you would be tired and will want to sleep much more. This could help you forget your concerns about falling asleep. Another trick is to tell yourself that you are just going to nap for 15 minutes (not sleep). Chances are you're going to fall asleep then. Regards!

lindswalt in reply to jeanlesn

Thank you so much for the reassurance and suggestions! xx

I can relate. When I am in periods of bad anxiety when I start to actually relax and fall asleep it actually scares me and I wake up gasping feeling like I was dying or something, hard to explain. But I do feel the dipping in heart rate or like it’s fluttering or pounding, I’ve too had an EKG and bloodwork done and they said it all looked fine but I could go to cardiologist if I wanted (I didn’t.) Ever since I had my baby two months ago my anxietys been bad, and I feel that feeling and sometimes short of breath as well. You aren’t alone!! I know how it is to be told everything’s ok and still think “maybe they missed something, maybe it wasn’t there then but is now, etc.” I’ve thought of it all. Lavender essential oil reallyyy helps me. I put some on before I go to bed on my pillow, inside of my wrists and soles of my feet. It helps a lot with calming and making me sleepy. Also drinking warm lavender tea before bed! Try doing something that occupies your mind before you go to bed like coloring? Video games? Something that works for you. ❤️

Also the Calm App has REALLY helped me. I highly highly suggest downloading it!! Do it before bed, there is a session for literally everything!

Thank you so much for this. It is especially helpful to know someone out there can relate. It makes the symptoms seem less scary somehow. Lavender oil is now on my list of things to pick up tomorrow. Thank you 🙏🏻

Always!! I know right, same for me. It makes it easier to deal with! Knowing you’re not alone and not crazy!

Hi There

I have suffered much the same as yourself Linda. I have been having quite a good spell recently....I’m on mirtazapine & dr has upped my dose to 37.5. & was coping really well, but the past week I seem to have hit a rough patch....I’m so sick & tired of hearing about Covid-19, not that I think I have it, but it’s just so unsettling hearing all the doom & gloom stories. Like some of the others have commented the calming/mind apps & Clare Weekes books are very good for helping with the anxious feelings & thoughts. I hope u find them useful too & wish u all the best xx

lindswalt in reply to Arlene99

Thank you, Alrene, I wish the same for you! xx

I had the sleep anxiety for a while- before the pandemic. I finally found meds that work. Was begging for xanax, but now I don’t need it. On a maintenance med (lexapro) and it took a month to work well but it has made me normal again. Once the anxiety was gone, I could sleep again. Had to change where I slept, cannot sleep with my husband any more, but it’s all good. I also exercise a lot more. Most of all, I pray about everything. Blessings to you. I totally get it.

Thanks for replying! And to you as well 🙏🏻

i been this route its very normal for us with health anxiety to go through this i went through all this symptoms i went through all this on 2018 everything you put i had it now i feel like every year i have different symptoms on different body parts.

Anxiety is such a strange, ever changing beast! Thank you for replying. xx

No problem like right now i been having dryness in my throat that travels to my chest for the pass 2 weeks but i know due to everything happening around the world my anxiety making my immune system low.

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