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Health anxiety or not

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I've been feeling unwell these last few days but what's worrying me is my rapid heart rate it's been 104 to 115 it feels like it's coming out my chest but I'm not panicked or anything to cause it to be so fast it's just rapid I've had some pain in my chest...when I mentioned it to my hubby he don't see anything wrong....I do I have severe health anxiety but what scares me is what if it's something serious and not health anxiety sounds nuts i know I just think I've had it so long my partner actually won't think it's anything serious when it really is does this make any sense to you


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Ah bless u I know what it like a have anxiety its horrible luv u can message me any time I been not gud this weekend x

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Awwww thanks so much hope your ok

I understand how your feeling I been having a rough month havent had one good day and i drink often and it made me feel worse with me i feel like something medically is wrong with me including feeling on edge even thought i had seen my doc and had test

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It's awful to constantly think about your health I'm like it 24 hours a day


I've been in the same situation. I keep getting random tingling, feeling that tight band around the rib cage and like I'm going suffocate as well. It's worse during the morning and afternoon. Once I get home and have a glass of wine or two it's better. I also have GERD so the frequent heart burn when my muscles are already so tense scares me too. I keep finding myself holding my breath or breathing really shallow which makes me light headed. UGH! I just HATE it.

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I hate it so much too thanks so much for your comment and support

Have you seen a cardiologist to rule out anything heart related? I'm sure it's fine but at least it might give you some peace of mind knowing that it's just your anxiety and it won't hurt you.

Try breathing techniques or something that could possibly settle your heart rate. It's also not too rapid. Normal is 60-100. If you're not sitting still and might be moving around a bit, I'd say it's pretty normal. I've read about people that suffer from our illness whose heart rate will jump to 140 or even 160.

Hang in there. You'll be fine!

Hi thanks so much I'm going to go to my dr so they refer me I need to look into it at least then I can relax after tests

Hopefully anyway


You need to have a heart assessment... which means ride a bike ( don’t know the medical terminology) .... the sooner you know there is nothing wrong with your heart the sooner you can relax, take it easy. A load of your mind. My heart rate is 55 and BP 110/70 and I’m 72 and fit as a fiddle. But I do go and have myself checked every six months to ease my mind that is scared of every little change to my system. I panic a lot about next to nothing. I’m a worry wart and have huge anxiety attacks. But must say since I’ve been eating extra healthy, small doses of exercise , drawing and keeping myself busy all day I’ve had no anxiety attacks in five months. Go see your dr... it’s just a small test that costs very little. Well here in Thailand it cost me $35 to do the heart assessment. Come to Thailand hahahahaha

The heart rate you mention is quite normal for anxiety and the pains can be associated with the event. If you feel breathless though however seek medical attention. Otherwise most likely it’s an acute anxiety attack

Im having the exact problem my resting heart rate would be 108 but then would raise to 150 during walking. Ive seen a cardio specialist but they are all confident that i have anxiety. But still i find it har to beleive as i have never had anxiety before. And my heart is constantly missing beats. I think it is best foe you to get seen by rhe doctor just in case.

I am the same from time to time, I bought a Fitbit (worst decision ever) so I could keep an eye on it and now I am obsessed! I have severe health anxiety and my heart rate is a big part of that. I can have a heart rate of 140bpm just going up the stairs due to my anxiety. I have a resting heart rate on average in the 80's which isn't ideal but I am trying to convince myself it is all anxiety. I know it is difficult but try not to focus on it so much, the more you focus, the more tense you get, the more your heart races, the more you panic. It is a vicious cycle! Hope you are ok x

You sound so much like me your so right it is a viscous circle I'll get there hopefully my heart is ok.ive also got a fit bit and makes me worse lol

Nat x

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kmcleodslc in reply to Natsteveo

I hope so too, it’s nice to know that we are not alone though. It’s always reassuring when someone thinks the same way as you do and it makes us all feel a little less crazy lol xx

I sent some time with a professional psychologist about my health anxiety - my symptoms were gastrointestinal ones - he asked me if I also had a rapid heart beat - which I don't. So it seems that such is a common symptom of anxiety - so you have little to worry about!

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Natsteveo in reply to Danubian

Thank you so much for your reply

Hi, when I am anxious my heart rate is close to a 100 and I can feel the uneasiness in my chest. Then I check it, then I panic. It is not nice but if you know that anxiety courses it, it helps you and you can do something about it. I take 20mg of propranolol which reduces the heart rate and takes the edge of anxiety or sometimes just meditation, walking helps as well.

Best of luck xx

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