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Anxiety health anxiety and propanolol

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Hi All this health anxiety is taking over me I keep getting a sharp pain in my left boob and I was meant to starte propanolol but am to scared to I hate taking tablets this is really getting to me please it's scarring me can some one help I don't know what to do its horrible so scary keep thinking the pain is my heart or something

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Hi I get the same I suffer with anxiety and worry about health I also get pains in my boob and chest when I'm anxious been des and everything ok. I'm on a tablet called citlopram it keeps me calm and helps me in the fact that when I get pains and feel worried it stops me getting panicky. Anxiety and worry is a horrible thing and when ur anxious you can get a lot of pains. Please try not to worry go and see your dr for a chat.

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Saz12345 in reply to Claire333j

Hi I have been my doctors they want me to start propanolol but am to scared to X

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Claire333j in reply to Saz12345

Just try and see how u get on with it

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Saz12345 in reply to Claire333j

But what if I have a bad reaction to it or my symptoms are bad and something happens its scared what about if it slows my heart right down

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jrcnpg in reply to Saz12345

Anxiety is a condition which heightens the body's reaction to circumstances the mind finds too difficult to accept. Sweating, trembling, stuttering, sensations of wanting to be somewhere else are all typical symptoms, yet the one symptom which overrides and probably intensifies all the others is the rapid beating of the heart which you can feel extremely well. Propanalol will have been prescribed to you in a dosage and frequency your doctor has deemed right since s/he knows you, I hope, significantly well. You are unlikely to experience any fatal trauma with the medication if you follow your doctor's advice to the letter. For me it is a life saver. Hope you respond well to them.

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Andypandy30 in reply to Saz12345

I was scared too at start I eventually took them am on 20 mg 3 times a day was originally on 10 mg 4 times a day I too worried about my body reactions but was fine always eat with or before them does that help luv x

I think out of ssri's and benzos the beta blockers have the list problems when coming off them and have less side effects, I really don't think you should worry about trying at least 1 when you really feel bad to see if it gives you relief. Hope you feel better soon

Hi can I just say that I'm terrified of taking antidepressants. Had bad reaction to them a few years ago! I have taken Propranolol in the past, and back on them again!I only take them as needed and only a small dose! Woke up as usual this morning with racing heart etc.took one 10mg tablet and calmed me down in ,10 minutes or so.Give them a try ,They don't make Anxiety go away ~but can help!!

All the best


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Hi kath I'm worrying bout increasing antids why do we worry so much if we need them

Hey Andy not sure bout this one ~but think it's coz its in part of our makeup to worry! I know people who take antidepressants and it really works well for them ~guess the thing is here we are all different and what's good for some ain't for others! If your doc says give it a go and you are happy with it try and see if it improves things for you!

Must admit Propranolol is better for me in a small dose (I take it when panic/Anxiety takes over)

Good Luck and let me know how you get on!


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I will thks so much yes propanolol is my back up 2 for the anxious times but I do suffer from very low mood also so really think I need to try at least I'm not getting anywhere battling alone and dose im on is not doing much for me apparently lowest dose so praying il be ok xx

Hi Andy my problem is not really low mood but over thinking and worry! In fact I worry if I haven't got anything to worry about!

That's why propranolol is best for me ~I was also given Diazipam a couple of years ago which was great for instant relief but docs won't prescribe it coz of addiction!(not that I got addicted lol)

Give a higher dose of your meds a try and see how you feel! Don't battle alone ~you can always get in touch with me.I work but only part time ~so if I didn't get back to you straight away id be working!

Take care + hope you are OK! This is a terrible illness we all suffer and need to stick together!


My advice would be to get it checked out with your doctor. If everything is fine, accept all the weird feelings, sensations and intrusive thoughts (all the what ifs going through your mind) as anxiety and carry on with your day. Don't involve yourself with all the symptoms, let them be there and just observe them all. Don't fight or try to rid yourself of the symptoms because that just makes it worse. You literally need to do nothing about the symptoms because there is no battle to fight, except with yourself and one that you will never win. For a while I felt as though someone was standing on my chest but just accepted it as anxiety and moved on. The symptom (one of many!) hung around for a while before melting away. I just adopted a "whatever" attitude which is the key to overcoming anxiety.

hey guys. i have hads really bad anxiety for some time now. the racing heart is the symptom i cant deal with most. i can hear it in my ears n everything. Sweating shaking,trembling, disorientation and the feeling i need to run and keep running are all my symtoms. i actually live in fear of the next attack occurring. i was just started on propanolol today. 40mg 2x dailly. was wondering how others got on with this med x

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