Excercising intolerance

I just tried running a Mile and now feel like I'm completely drunk (dizzy weird vision, head hurts) and someone like punched me in the head. I feel like I'm in a dream state or my brain isn't getting enough oxygen. Anyone else have problems excercising? Even walking makes me feel strange. Everyone says excercising is important for anxiety/depression but it's hard to do! I used to run three miles easy before all of this.


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  • When I walk it feels like the floor is moving it's horrible.i too have dizzy weird vision and very light headed.i feel like I'm here but I'm not,as if something as took over my head, x

  • I used to feel like that constantly when I still had my prescription eye glasses on, so now I leave them off 95% of the time and it's less noticeable (at the expense of not seeing so well).

    I used to do things all day long and not get tired till the end of the day.  Now I can't last the whole day without taking a nap in between or something.  Also if I lift any weights or do any cardio, my muscles ache for way longer than it used to.  

    If it really anxiety, it just doesn't make sense how it could affect the whole body like that.... 

  • I have the same problems except I have the added problem of exercise leading to panic attacks often due to the dizziness or nausea caused by exercise.  It sure feels like I'm infected with something and anxiety is a side effect of that, not the other way around.

  • I keep promising myself I'll exercise more, but I struggle to push through those feelings, leading me to be even more out of shape, so it's a terrible cycle :-(

  • I've been guilty of not exercising neither.... it's just easier to not workout and not feeling like trash than it is to workout and feel like trash after!

    I've also been having sweet cravings every now and then... it's just weird

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