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Don't know y I'm feeling anxious

have been ok all day and even sat in the bingo on my own. Now all of a sudden I've got the anxious feeling. I've even got the lump in my throat and I haven't had that for a long time. It may be because my other half as had to go to the top end of Scotland and won't b back till tomorrow night. I am stopping at my mom's thou but not leaving just yet as leaving the animals mostly the dogs on there own and it's so hot. It also maybe because of the heat, all I want is more breeze and I will be happy.

I know alot of people on here r suffering at the moment with the heat causing anxiety to b high. Hope ur all doing ok xxx

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Hi donaf

I hope you have won ;-)

Well done for been at the Bingo hun , thats more than I could do at the moment

OH will soon be home , & you are lucky to have your Mum, even though I no you feel anxious when he is away

Yes that lump in the throat , its like you cant swallow past it , but you are seeing it as what it is anxiety & I hope they have air con in that Bingo , because you are right , its hot

Let us no if you had a big win & have a nice evening





Hi whywhy I did win about fifty pound which is good as I haven't won since my big win before Christmas.

Yes that annoying lump in the throat, I can have it for days or wks. Wen I first had it last yr I wI'd constantly worry about it but I know now it's down to my nerves. Hope it feeling better xxx


Very nice donaf 50 pounds isnt a bad night out lol

Hope you have a little treat with it

I am trying to keep my head together , but as you can imagine its there in my brain grrr



ur feeling better its ment to say. If u c all words that just don't make sense its my fone it changes words to wat it thinks they shud's not course I'm drunk lol :-)


It's hard whywhy hopefully after a sleep u may feel abit better hopefully anyway. Try a nice warming bath with candles, wen I get in a state ova things like taking my tablet (still starts me off at times) I have a bubble bath to relax with candles in the room and some chilling music to carm me down even if just for half hour of relaxing. I feel for u ((((sending hugs it way)))))


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