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Is anyone in the UK in Private care?

Hi all,

Just a quick question. Is anyone here in the UK on a private health system for their anxiety/PTSD/Depression? If so, who with and are they good?

I am looking for a private provider as I am getting a lot worse but apparently because I am not high risk as I don't want to kill myself (their words) I have to wait over 2 months.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi are you waiting for counselling? I went private for counselling as the waiting list was too long. You should be able to google counsellors local to you. Most will be private/independent and a case of contacting them directly x


Hi Nicki1984, I am waiting for CBT. I have googled for CBT practitioners local to me and they are all NHS only. I tried going through my private health plan but as it is a work one its for physical only. They do psychological as well but they are work related psychological problems due to the nature of my work. Unfortunately that does not include me.


Hi found my therapist on here


Thanks a lot Nicki1984! Im gonna check that out now. Appreciate it.

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Does your GP surgery have a self referral place at all.. I self referred but the counselling service was contacted by my GP.. I had to pay a part of the cost because it's a charity but the woman I saw was very helpful and did offer to refer me on to a trauma trained counselor without the long wait, which I haven't taken up yet..


Hi Sky-dancer, I am on a waitlist for CBT. I asked my GP but they said I would have to go through my private health plan. My plan does not include Psychological issues unless work related unfortunately.


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