Does anyone feel it is just hopeless?

After a year of going through withdrawal from a certain medication, I thought I was on the road to improvement. In October 2016 I started to feel more daily panic....I now feel totally hopeless that I will ever conquer my panic disorder. Yes, I am on meds, yes, I see a physciatrist, yes, I have been to CBT classes, yes, I WANT to be normal...but it all seems so hopeless. Fear can be very powerful. I guess I just needed to put down what I'm feeling at the moment. I know I am not alone with anxiety.....I just have to take it a day at a time.


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  • Hi kama24, I looked back at your posts. Please don't get discouraged. It took me 2 years to wean off benzos and almost another 2 years for my brain to heal and start feeling better. Oh I may feel the anxiety in the pit of my stomach from time to time but I am able to manage it because I know where it comes from. Accepting it is anxiety makes it easier for it to go away as fast as it came. I use different techniques in reducing my stress level on a daily basis in order to keep my anxiety as low as possible. If you went back on meds, you might have done it too soon. If given time, the brain will heal itself and not crave medication to counteract the fear. It is within our control to manage living without anxiety. You are right in taking it one day at a time. Looking too far down the road only builds anxiety. I live for today only and try to make that the best I can. I wish you better days kama...

  • Thank you so much for your comforting reply! I've had panic disorder for most of my life, but as I age it has gotten worse. I keep telling myself "it's your mind" but my mind doesn't always listen to me :-) I absolutely agree that getting ahead of yourself with "what ifs" is not a good idea. Again thank you.

  • Agora is right here

  • I feel the same sometimes it's like I'm starting to be happy, the fear and dread feeling is still there but I'm not letting it control me if you know what I mean , but then it creeps back and I'm a mess again , but that's all we can do take one day at a time

  • Hi, I understand completely what you are saying! Some days it is close to being "normal"....and wow hope rises, then something will cause thoughts or feelings to build up and we are back to square one. When I am really fighting fear it seems so hopeless.....I know I'm not alone and try to remember that. Thank you for sharing!

  • Hi Kama24

    Yea Anxiety is hell to live with but can you try this next time you panic over a panic attack happening:

    1: don't try to run away from it as it is in your head and we can't run from ourselves.

    2: allow the fear to build (breathe in through nose count to 7 slowly then out through mouth slowly count between 5 and 7.

    3: say to your fear 'I am not afraid of you anymore so just do your worst, if I'm going to have a heart attack go on give me one, if I'm going to have a stroke go on give me one', I am not afraid of you so do your worst.

    4: Let the fear build and wash over you - nothing will happen you are safe! Thats the difficult bit.

    5: Tell your fear you are only going to give it a count of 20 to do its worst to you -count backwards 20, 19,18,17 come on do your worst, nothing happens 16,15,14 down to 10. OK last chance 9,8,7,6,5,4,3 slowly if you dont do anything to me now you must go 2, 1, 0. Ok fear just F'off.

    Keep breathing slowlyand deeply through out this exercise. Your panic attack will settle down. You can do it a few times until you settle fully and your panic level comes down from say a 10 to a 4 or 5 (which is bearable).

    It is difficult to accept this concept but it does work. Don't be disheartened as it can take a while to work but with practice you will overcome panic attacks.

    Hope this helps a wee bit. It worked for me and I do not have any more panic attacks and my anxiety is much more manageable than it was before.

    If you need more info on this exercise let me know.

    Good luck

  • Thanks so much for your response. I've been talking to myself when it's bad and telling ME it's all in my head...ride it far not much success but I seem to be here the next day! I think knowing I am not alone with this dreaded affliction helps....just wish I had people close to me who totally understood. Fear is a real enemy to do battle with especially when you main fear and phobia is death. I will try harder to stand up to it, and try to think positive too. I appreciate your input.

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