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Hi everyone, i thought i would give an update to those that are interested. I first had severe anxiety about a year ago I had anxiety attacks everyday it was expected. I went through symptoms after symptoms when something I thought was life threatening turned out to be fine it was the next symptom I couldn't catch a break. I thought i had all kinds of things wrong with me due to developing health anxiety as well it was mainly my heart and I had so many tests done had so many doctors appointments and even called ambulances in cases I genuinely thought I was dying. It was to the point where i thought the doctors was against me or something and just assumed everything was due to my anxiety. I rushed to get help desperately like sign up for therapy, reading the Claire weekly self help book which a lot of people recommended, But it was just a quick cry for help i hardly took anything in during therapy sessions and i skimmed through the book because i thought it would be a quick fix.

Now this is a new chapter in my life I've been anxiety free for almost 5 months which is brilliant for me. I don't know what it was but it just magically went maybe because I was so use to these symptoms i just.. i guess accepted? Even in stressful situations I would get fast heart rate, heart palpitations but I accepted this. The only thing I'm really dealing with is my constant headaches I would have headaches maybe 2-3 days in a row then another 3 days without headaches I'm having negative thoughts about this matter.. of course a brain tumour. I've never had a scan, and it scares me to think people can have a brain tumour for 10 years without knowing. I just hate these thoughts, but I know when you really believe something is true in my case a brain tumour it really does start showing signs. It is the same situation with my heart but anxiety tells me what if its different this time.

I just want to finish off this post and thank Agora and Jeff1943 they've been so helpful and I'm sure its not just to me but to everyone else. They reply with such a calm manner it truly helps a anxiety sufferer like myself and of course thank you to everyone else who has also helped me and replied to my post on this long journey. Tomorrow will be my birthday I will be turning 22 hopefully this year will be a good year.

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Happy Birthday and I'm so happy you're doing well and anxiety free!


Thank you so much! i hope so too. I hope you are doing well yourself. God bless

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I am, thank you and God bless you too!


Hi fionaleung21, thanks for the kind comment. I was like you at one time, basically just hearing myself talk in therapy sessions. I don't think I was really listening to the therapist. As for books that I bought and had shipped overnight, they sat there in the bookcase. I don't know if I expected to learn by osmosis? You have made much progress in a short time. Believe me in anxiety years that's short. :) What a birthday it will be for you tomorrow. I'd like to be the first to wish you Happy 22nd Birthday! You've got a lot to celebrate. Make it a good one x


Haha that is so funny because I paid so much money to have the Claire weekly book shipped overnight and I haven't even read it properly. thank you so much I feel really proud of myself I hope it doesn't come back it was a dark place but if it does I believe I will have the strength to fight it again. thank you so much I hope you're doing well with your anxiety! X


Fantastic news, great to see this, well done. Health anxiety is the most awful thing, if you can beat it then you are on a happy road, I still get that awful feeling that a disaster will happen if I hear a loud noise but then it goes, well I let it go I mean. It must stem from memory of things that have happened, I try to think of something else, it is hard though.

Keep well and hope this is a turning point for you.

Happy Birthday😊


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