How can this be ?

Does anyone ever get the feeling that they're not anxious when you actually catch yourselves being anxious but you don't know what came first the anxiety symptoms or the anxiety ? Not sure if this is making any sense but I started feeling a little bit lightheaded and off-balance during the first week of May . Then three days later I start my cycle and start to feel worse off balance , lightheaded, heart pounding sweaty hands cold feet . And I'm struggling with it. Obviously the symptoms are not that bad when I don't think about it but I feel like they come out of nowhere and I get anxious or am I anxious to begin with ? I also went to the doctors and he didn't think blood test or necessary as I've had full blood work up six months ago he just perform neurological tests on me in the office and told me he didn't think it was anything serious as in the past I've had CAT scans and you name it I've done it . I'm still worried. Like how long will this last has this feeling lasted this long for some of you ? I keep thinking my brains not getting of oxygen or that I'm anemic because I have some type of illness that they're not finding . However blood tests say my levels are good . I had blood work done 6 months ago. The doctor said he didn't think it was that. But the life of health anxiety suffer ! Added) some sort of sinus pressure .

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  • Hi Jo

    I myself have similar problems, like the anxiety comes in waves and waves, I rarely never get a break from it and when I feel OK, wooshh here it comes again. I'm always on edge and off balance and very nervous internally which no one can see. I try as hard as i can to distract myself when I get these 'feelings' sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I've had this sensation for over a year now and nothing is helping, it as also cause me to develop an irritable bowel problem which is controllable but annoying. The only relief I get is when i'm busy at work and with people, hopw you can find a way to control your thoughts

  • I myself to have a problem with my bowels because of all this anxiety. I hope some way we get through this . When you feel this way any sensations you ever think no this is not anxiety somethings wrong with the doctors are missing it I need to go back and have more blood test done I shouldn't feel off balance do you ever think that way ?

  • Hi yes all the time, then I start google searching everything, bad idea!!

    Most days I have diarrhoea and stomach upsets, i feel unsteady on my feet most of the tme but never fall over, it's horrid

  • What about shortness of breath when you don't even feel anxious. I guess after being anxious for so long .

  • I was doing fine. Went to the store everything was fine. Got home and boom it hit me out of nowhere. Hard to breathe, anxious, scared ....strangest feelings. Took Xanax and laid down ...felt better. It was extremely weird

  • I did the same thing. Just happened to me . I was eating and I felt almost that I zoned out and then bam .

  • I get shortness of breath after a small amount of exercise and have to lay down as really tired. Alway have a scared feeling like when I'm driving someone's going to cross the centre line so really nervous most days and feel like I have internal tremors, I think this causes the stomach problems as well

  • I guess I have tightness in my chest idk how to describe the feeling really but it makes me feel like I'm. It breathing properly. I'm not even anxious anymore but I still feel these symptoms.

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