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Is it necessary to take meds if you have anxiety disorder?

my panic attack started 3 months ago. after that, i have had various of physical symptoms like palpitations, chest pain, lightheaded, feeling faint(off balance/ weird sensation), shortness of breath. also had full blown panic attacks. i did some relaxing methods and it helps sometimes, but it still there and the symptoms is getting worse when i start to feel worry.

though some days are better than others.

All medical test went normal, never been to a psychiatrist.any advice?

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The answer is no you do not have to take medication for your anxiety if you do not wish to do so , the choice is yours :-)

Sometimes though medication if prescribed by a Doctor can really help with your anxiety but also if you ask your Doctor to refer you to Counselling this can equally be as successful for some to :-)

Doing meditation and relaxation exercises as you have been can help and it helps more with practice , talking about how you feel , learning to reverse the negative thoughts also can help but all takes time

Be reassured all your tests have come back fine which is a positive thing , so your body is fit and healthy , now you have to work on the mind which is the thing about you that at the moment is poorly which is not life threatening but unpleasant but you will get there :-)

Take Care x

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thanks for the advice :)

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Hi jackf4, I agree with lulu-1 in that taking medication is a matter of choice. Since there is not just one answer in addressing anxiety issues, it is always in your best interest to have your doctor's input. Therapy/counseling for a short time can help you find your way back from this circle of fear that you are experiencing. Once you have had a panic attack, the "what if" it happens again starts the ball rolling with negative thoughts. It may never happen again but the what if keeps the fire lit and so you start experiencing symptoms of anxiety which then prompted 4 more full blown panic attacks.

There is a time and place for short term medication including therapy that will help you take that first step forward in a positive approach. Having a psychiatrist look over your health history both mentally and physically can give you some direction.

Retraining your thoughts can help because of the interconnection between the mind and body. Learning acceptance of this being anxiety is an important step forward as well as starting other methods. I use meditation/deep breathing daily. It is a practice and not just on occasion when you are in the throws of a panic. Just as a boxer trains for his Big Fight, so does the anxiety person train his mind. Keep using the forum for support and understanding. We have all been in your position. Good Luck, Stay Strong


thanks you :)

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I take paroxetine, I've been on it for over a year now and it has helped me so much to overcome a lot of symptoms. Personally I would only recommend as a last resort as there difficult to get off. But ever since I have taken them I have not had palpitations, there's positives and negatives with all medications but it's just finding what's best for you.


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