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Lightheadedness/jelly legs

I have had anxiety/ panic disorder for a few years now and initially went to a&e couple of times due to chest pain/ heart thumping but they said everything was normal and I'd probably experienced one panic attack on top of another which made it quite severe. Different symptoms appear at different times often out of nowhere but the main one I struggle with is sudden feelings of lightheadedness/dizziness. It can happen anywhere and is making daily life very difficult. Sometimes they are so intense I have to hold on to a wall then my legs go shaky and feel like jelly. Has this happened to anyone else and how do you cope when it happens?

I've had blood tests, all normal and MRI scan gp says everything ok and have started CBT but I find the symptoms come on so rapidly I can't calm myself down in time. Interested to know if anyone else has this?

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I get this all the time 24/7 it's hard I just take 5 mins to carm my self down but sometimes it doesn't work so I have to take my mind somewhere else to my happy place


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