Jelly legs/ dizzy

I'm so scared. For about two weeks now when I go into a store and start walking around I get a rush of heat through my legs and it feels like they're going to give out and then it feels like I'm really really dizzy and just going to fall to the floor. The other day I had to sit down in the middle of Walmart bc I was really dizzy and had weak legs when walking. Is this a sign of anxiety or panic? I keep thinking tumor or something wrong with my heart 😭😭


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  • Hello

    Jelly legs and going dizzy can be a sign of anxiety also I have had this to when I have had a sudden sugar level drop can feel very much like a panic attack 

    If it keeps happening often then maybe just let your Doctor give you a quick once over but if it is just a random thing then I would say it will be one or the other above 

    Take Care x

  • I had that while at school, then dismissed myself to medical which ended in a very embarrassing panic attack. Although anxiety can trigger these feelings, this time it actually turned out to be some fluid in my ear.  If need be get checked, but if it continuous yeah its the bloody anxiety.

  • I had sintoms like yours, when I'm having a attack I feel dizzy and loks like I'm fall down. When this happen I try keep calm, remember that it's just anxiety and it's will pass whem I calm down. If this not work I remember that doesn't have any real danger in a Walmart, I and everyone goes there everyday and goes home safe after

  • This sounds like an "attack" that I had too. It is so scary. Suddenly dizzy, warm, confused and a sense of impending doom, I for sure thought I was going down.

  • Thanks everyone so much for the comments back. It really helped to ease my mind. I appreciate all of you

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