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Hi, im 40 years old and whole my life i was healthy without any problems. Year ago started my heart problems. I was many times in hospital, are weeks that im on emergency twice per week. My heart was checked many times and always is everything good, got a lot of blood tests etc.. all ok. But still im having the feeling of moving in chest, palpilations and feelings like i should die. I feel like my heart stopped, i start to be dizzy, my knees are like from gel, in my body can feel some weird waves it is really feeling that im dying .. then i call ambulance.. they check me, all is ok.... they said probably panic attack, but i still feel like it is something other. I live in fear all the days that i can suddently die because my heart will stop. I use beta blocker for the fast heart beating, but sometime it is not fast, but just like very very strong that can feel every pulse in whole body and like it should jump from the chest. Sometime i have days that im very dizzy whole day and feeling i cant even walk. The last year of my life was the worst in the whole 40 years.. and all started sudently like from nothing.. it is just 4 days ago i was last time in hospital.. i try not to go again and again as i feel really crazy.. but the fear is so strong... i try to say to myself, that my heart is ok, but it does not help..

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I understand what you are going through and it's scary as heck .

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