Panic attacks EVERY Day, All Day... Someone please help

Hello everyone... Here recently I've been having some serious panic attacks every day almost all day long... I recently quit smoking pot a few months ago, because it was starting to make my anxiety worse... I've always drank ( unfortunately) and when the alcohol kicks in I no longer call it having a buzz, or being drunk, I call it finally being able to feel normal without having a panic attack... But here recently when I have my first beer or two, my anxiety is on blast mode, I mean it's brutal... Well, I'm 34 and I've been smoking pot since I was 14 years old and smoking it every day since about my early twenties... So, my question is this: is it possible that my anxiety is so bad right now because, as I noted earlier I recently quit smoking pot about a few months ago, and maybe it's because my body is so used to having thc in my system, and now it's adjusting to it leaving? I always had a problem with panic attacks since I was an adolescent. But like I said, recently my attacks feel like their on steroids.... Just a side note, I also suffer from bipolar disorder too... Having that, and with the quitting smoking grass, probably doesn't make it any better... Sorry for the rambling, I just wanted to be very specific about it... Hopefully someone can help me with an answer... Thank you for your time


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  • I have crazy anxiety started 6 years from a bad pot trip ruined me but I seem to also notice when you start drinking alcohol it seems fine goes away :) When u smoked pot how long or far into when you first we're getting anxiety from pot ? Was is slow getting worse or did it jus happen one day ? And when u quit have u noticed it going down or just staying same

  • It started one day all of a sudden and then got worse from there...since I've stopped, it feels like the attacks are on steroids... I'm just wondering if it's because of how long I've smoked it every day, to just quitting all of a sudden... It's been almost 3 months since I've been high.. when the attacks fade away, I'm good and can relax, but the anxiety got so intense, that waiting for it to pass became not worth it anymore, as far as being high that is

  • Ic have you found any other secrets that help in any ways then alcohol to calm you down or get your mind off it ?:)

  • Actually, I have.. I go on a cleaning spree, and clean my entire house very rapidly... Unfortunately, though, this is only something I can do at home... When I'm in public, I've made embarrassing scenes and have gotten stares from people, looking at me like what the hell is wrong with this guy, type of stuff... I used to laugh at myself about it and tell myself, this is stupid Tyler, relax buddy... But now, it is anything but funny and people are starting to notice my behavior... Don't even get me started on going into the grocery store, it's ridiculous

  • Sorry for the 2 replies btw... For some reason it was telling me my first reply didn't post lol

  • In a way you have answered your own question regarding quitting pot. Well done for that, now you need to address you acute anxiety. You do not mention being on medication for bi polar? I cannot see you managing without any? Do you work? When I was middle 40's I to had bi polar, I was in hospital for a month and put on lithium, I regained my health and managed to work until I was 63, I am 64 now and have not been ill since. However I did suffer from acute anxiety which did manifest when I got stressed at work as I worked in a government position and had to be accurate in what I did. I am telling you this so you know you can conquer these things. I take Pregablin at night to help me sleep, they are for anxiety so I do not know if your doctor could prescribe you this. As you are still young do you have access to YouTube as there area number of tapes on there which will help you with the panic attacks. Obviously your body is still having to get used to not having any pot, you did really well in giving it up now master getting rid of the panic attacks and you will be well in no time. Gradually they will fade. Good luck and think positive πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Thank you... I used to take medicine for my bipolar, I was taking seriquil and a anti anxiety drug... Neither one did much good... I had a job for the last 14 years, I manage a dock at DHL, and it can get very stressful at times... I've been dealing with this problem since I was an adolescent... Recently, it's been getting out of hand... I no longer take any medication, because my insurance at work for medical a month costs about the same amount you would pay for a small apartment, I not even kidding... Only thing I can do is take it one day at a time, and just deal with them, but man does this shit get old... Thank you for your reply

  • I applaud you --- you've managed to work successfully for 14 years with panic attacks. What I've learned from the work/anxiety cycle is this: nobody around you has any idea what he'll you go thru managing serious panic attacks while maintaining a full responsible workload. The managing tools available to those of us with these problems are not very effective. (I've been on the carrousel of PH.D's , RX's, relaxation techniques, self help books and tapes) - the only thing I can suggest at this point is preparation for your future. you will hit a wall with your current job and getting another one will be extremely hard because of age discrimination - you must try to secure your home by trying to pay it off early. Even if it's really hard to pay all your bills - you will need to make your everyday living arrangements as streamline as possible. A great amount of your anxiety will subside once you detach from work pressure and stress. No it will never divorce you and leave you alone....unfortunately the facts remain. You will always get thru the episodes, but it makes for a very difficult lifestyle...if we could only drink a bottle of liquid peace.....a secret potion that stops anxiety dead in it's tracks - wished it could be. Good luck. I wish you calmness in your soul.

  • Thank you for your support Maitelady ..Sometimes the best advice comes from strangers... Thank you... Hope the same for you as well...Taking it one day at a time.. Things are looking up at work now, I'm getting a promotion from dock management to pm supervisor, the money is way better, but it also comes with more responsibility, which may add to the anxiety.... I'm okay with that, I'm not going to let this control my life no more... Some of my friends used to give me hell for having them, not serious hell, just joking about it... But like you said people don't know what kind of hell we go through trying to manage these attacks... They may be harmless, but tell that to us when we're having one... It's not that easy

  • A friend of mine is prescribed pregablin for nerve pain caused by having his elbow smashed with a baseball bat. I'm glad to hear you have such positive results with it for your anxiety. I think that must be an off label prescription as I'm sure it was designed along the same lines as gabapentin for pain caused by nerve damage or injury. I may be entirely wrong.


  • Everyone I know says the same thing! Pot is making them anxious! I feel sorry for youngsters today. In my day pot just made you feel funky and chilled out, made music sound so good and made you feel smiley and mellow. I suggest, if you feel you have to smoke, you grow your own.....grow it outdoors in the earth, with sunshine, earth, water and air as food. It won't make you anxious if it's been grown naturally imo.

  • I have a similar experience to you. I also have a mental health diagnosis. I'm ten years older than you and I used to smoke massive amounts of hash and weed. I just kind of grew out of it in my late twenties. Things happened, a very close relative committed suicide and I began doing drugs in a big way to try to cope with the awful grief I felt. This all happened ten years ago and I'm better now.

    However I was smoking weed right up until January this year. I noticed I was feeling very anxious and had this overwhelming feeling of doom. So I stopped smoking. My anxiety was terrible, it was genuinely making me ill. So I went to my doctor who knows my history and understands that anxiety can be very detrimental to my mental illness. He prescribed diazepam for me. I've been taking it exactly as prescribed and it has helped with the horrible symptoms of panic.

    I think that the weed that is around today makes people more anxious. In y teenage years I lived in Portsmouth England, a large port city, full of the most exotic and exquisite drugs. It was mostly hash back then, but it was really good Hash: Afghan red seal, Gold Seal, Lebanese slate, Nepalese temple ball. Now all you get is this unnatural, hydroponically grown super skunk and I think it is now far from being a healing plant. The potent stuff on the go today, is much more likely to trigger a latent mental illness, it is known by doctors to cause debilitating anxiety, and cases of psychosis have sky rocketed since it came on the scene.

    So I think, yes the weed has caused your anxiety. Just stay away from it, and maybe see your doctor about the anxiety. I can tell you from experience that alcohol whilst it may offer some initial immediate relief, will ultimately make everything much worse and more difficult to treat. Your 34 years old. Please deal with these issues now rather than in ten years. I'm 44 and I wish I'd finally taken care of my anxiety issues at an earlier age. You can do it. You have my best wishes and support


  • im 29 yrs old actually and I smoke only like 3x a week now and outdoor doesn't make me anxious at all. and I do not drink hate the stuff.

  • Thank you Jack..It's good to know that there is still good people out there brother

  • hello Tyler, we are all aware of what smoking pot does to youπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ along with you having bi polar you really are not doing yourself any favours. I strongly suggest you try to do some serious excercises which will help you if that is possible, build up to a little more each day. If you cannot do that try relaxation tapes, these will help you fight withdrawal symptoms. Now you are older and wiser you can see what smoking pot has done to you, I know most people have done it, my youngest son used to do it with his friends but he has depression now. As you also suffered from anxiety since an early age this made coming off pot worse for you too. Try not to get anxious about this, you will conquer this. I always think of people like Stephen Fry who also has bi polar, plus many other famous people with it, although there are varying degrees of this illness you can manage it. Be strong and fight. You will be better soon keep telling yourself every day you are getting betterπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

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