Needed a break from reality

Needed a break from reality

Decided to take a long weekend vacation. My anxiety was bad the day before and of my trip . I guess the thought of being on an airplane triggered it . Luckily the flight was actually smooth . Yesterday was a pretty good day , and today has been a great day so far . Today I went to the beach . I love the beach . The scenery and water calms be down . I wish everyone peace and may you acquire the strength and wisdom necessary to deal with your anxiety . Much love to all.

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  • May04, I so glad your vacation went well. Although it's always nice to get home again. :) How lucky you are to have a beautiful beach where you live. It is a serene place to hang out when anxious or stressed. I think that's why so many of the meditation videos show the water and sounds, so soothing, so calming. I could literally put myself in a trance looking at the picture you sent. Wishing you peace and calm. x

  • Thank you , I wish you the same. Xo

  • Oh that looks lovely.

    It's lovely to hear that you had the courage and faced your fears, and went on vacation. 😊


  • Yes it's not easy facing your fears with anxiety but it's rewarding afterwards . Wishing you all the best xo

  • Sigh...I miss the sea :'( I am a sea person, but when my GAD came in, I lost every interest I got, maybe because I'm still busy accepting my new world. Sigh...I hope my love to the sea will come back soon enough. Sigh...

    BTW, enjoy and relax MAY04 :)

  • I have GAD and I knows it's pure hell. But like I always say , "you have anxiety don't let anxiety have you ." We deserve to live our lives . I was really scared on the plane but luckily fell asleep and avoided some anxiety . You'll get back to the sea , even if it's just baby steps to overcome the fear . Wishing you all the best xo

  • Thanks May04. Baby steps! Noted! I like that, maybe someday :) positivity! 😊 Enjoy again! Take care! God Bless :)

  • God bless you too ! 😊

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