Detachment from reality

Hi, I'm Liz I suffer from anxiety, all my life I've felt detached from reality it's like I'm here but not here and like someone else is controlling my body even though it's just me, I must sound insane, I wish I knew what it was but I don't. Has anyone ever experienced this and can give me some advice? It's really scary and I don't know if it's normal or not.


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  • Hello

    This is very common when you are suffering with anxiety it is called Depersonalization 

    Depersonalization is an anomaly of self-awareness. It can consist of a reality or detachment feeling  in your mind or body, or being a detached observer of oneself. You can feel like you have  changed, and the world has become vague, dreamlike, less real, or lacking in significance. 

    It can be a disturbing experience but you are not going in sane 

    Have you spoken to your Doctor , they may be able to refer you for Counselling maybe 

    Keep talking and reading posts on here you will see how you feel that you are not alone and that helps even if in a small way :-)

    Take Care x

  • Hi, thank you for responding. I will definitely make sure to mention it to my doctor I'm just relieved it's something that's common and that I'm not going insane. I'm new here but the posts have been very helpful. :)

  • Well Welcome I hope you will find it helpful knowing you are not insane and not alone 

    Let us know what your Doctor has to say when you next go :-) 

    People log on and off but there is always someone around to talk to :-) x

  • nope, your not nuts or going insane. There is lot of us there with the same issue. I have it as we speak. Its called Derealization or Depersonalization which is the detached feeling. My therapist says, if you feel that detached feeling, your anxieties are heightened. I agree to a point but even when I dont feel anxious, I still have it. The thing is, when you feel relaxed and yourself so to speak, that out of touch feeling is not noticable or very little. I have been dealing with it for years. It has gone away for me a few years ago for a time until I had something traumatic happen to me physically. JUst go with the flow and realize that is there and simply ignore it. Recognize you feel that way and just go about your day. Dont give it attention to any degree. It goes away eventually! Hang in there! 

  • Thank you for the advice :) that's very helpful.

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