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Well taken my tabs caught up with my sleep but Anxiety has been bad

Think I've done well after staying. In bed due to gum infection did my day and have felt my Anxiety was high felt I was going to have panic a lot but breathed threw it nipped it in the bud I feel better and hope I sleep a little longer tonight but a little worried that I might wake with panic but its been a long time 5 months that I have done that

Also been a little sad today a bit low mind you this infection has not helped . but I did go for 2 walks one on the beach and another near my home felt Anxiety but did it and if I sleep ok tonight I'm going to the Gym for short but sweet workout ( he hopes) x

I wonder if in part I've faced a phobia today and won :-)

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Well done Stu

When you have an infection it can make you feel rough & the antibiotics can make you feel of it , but the benefits in the long run once the infection has cleared up , is well worth it , so stick in there with them , it will pass quick & you will soon have finished your course

You live near a beach :o that sounds lovely , I would have to go on holiday to get to see a beach where I live

Hope you do have a good nights sleep & each day you will start to feel a bit better with this infection , it take long





Thanks whywhy how was your day


Not to bad thank you , other than cooking dinner I have been relaxing , which doesnt come easy to me , but I have quite enjoyed it



I'm happy you had a good day sleep well


Hi Stuart,

So pleased you have taken your meds. & well done for nipping the panic in the bud, that's quite an accomplishment.

Having an infection always drags me down a bit, but I'm sure you'll pick up again once it's sorted :0

O I do envy you walking on the beach, you've reminded me that I promised my daughter we would do that this summer. Some fabulous beaches near us, am off to plan when we can go :)

Hope you sleep well



You to sleep easy and wake happy


Sounds to me like you need a few pats on the back for all you have achieved. I don't think we recognise these enough and tend to look at our failures. Well done to you and keep on with the walking and gym.... exercise releases good endorphins... good for the soul.


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