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Anxiety New In My LIfe

Hello All My Name is Sergio,

I am 24 years of age work very hard and a positive happy human being. Just recently I started having these scary thoughts which seem to always leave me in a state of fear. I always think of what if scary scenarios. I think what if I can't work later due to my anxiety, what if I become suicidal (which of course has NEVER crossed my mind), what if I never get better, what if I become like other people on different blogs I read that don't work and lose everything. I am literally scared from these scenarios constantly. I carry on with my life I come to work, I laugh as much as I can and go to the gym daily. However I would like some tips from someone who has felt the way I do and has made it through. I hear acceptance but how? How do I begin that process? I hear about meditation but how and what kind should I do? I was super happy 3 months ago and now I have been dealing with this and it sure isn't me. I am happy and always full of life and energy and these last few days it feels as if I am always in my own world. Scared and with that stupid gut feeling of nervousness and fear of nothing but stupid scary scenarios in my head. I would truly appreciate everything you guys can offer to me to accept and carry on with my life. I just don't know where to start I always go online and read about anxiety and end up even more scared and in fear of what other people go through. I have never suffered anything drastic in life, I have my family and have everything I could ask for. I just want to learn how to accept and carry on and be me again. Thank you guys.

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Breathing exercises, I did anotherimd exercise that had me build a safe space in my mind that i visit when have a lot of anxiety. Also i listen to thomas hall sleep hypnosis.

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