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Severe Anxiety

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Hello everyone it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I have seriously been struggling lately I’m dreading going to see my GP as they will most likely put me back on tablets. Everyday, every minute is such a struggle. I think I have managed to just cope with the depression. I think it’s just been accepted as being part of me. What I can’t seem to deal with is the anxiety, the constant fear, worry & the feeling of being out of control. I have a very responsible job which is extremely stressful. Work never ends, I bring my work home which I sometimes need to. This is only so I can catch up with my work. There’s plenty of overtime going which other colleagues happily accept. I live a a reasonable distance away from work therefore I can’t really afford to stay back to do overtime because I will get stuck in loads of traffic on the way home.

The constant worry about everything & not being sure if I have met the expectations of my colleagues & the people I serve. Anxiety has changed the way my memory works I find it really difficult near impossible to sometimes remember stuff and day to day incidents & scenarios mix into one then trying to remember what relates to what drives me crazy.

Anxiety has effected every part of me from my eyes, to headaches (flashy lights) really scary. Hair, aches, appetite, stomach issues.

I would very much like to share experiences with people who suffer from a similar experience in particularly in relation to very severe anxiety, talking definitely helps. However one worries leads to another where I doubt & double check everything in case I have missed something or not acted on something.

Wishing everyone the very best!. Merry Christmas. Best wishes always.

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Hi am sorry to hear that u been struggling lately. I have severe anxiety panic disorder PTSD clinical depression. And out of all them anxiety scares me the most because am always worrying about if this going to kill me it feels like am never just living for today but am living for past present and future they say anxiety is there to protect us I can’t tell everyday am struggling with new symptoms and lately I been staying home and not leaving just laying down scared to live my life because of fear your anxious minds take over and it feed us so much negative energy is hard to see anything positive when you’re feeling anxious and anxiety can cause u to feel Derealization and depersonalization and the list go on I use deep breathing exercise and meditation and grounding exercise I don’t if u believe in a higher power greater than ourselves but if u do I pray maybe is time to go talk to your GP I been getting flashes lights for years use to run to the hospital now I just relax and let them go away on they on but it use to drive me crazy once u get everything checked out my your doctor I hope u being u some comfort sending u a hug and good luck am here

Have u been to a eye doctor for the flashing lights?

Wow..this sounds exactly like my life. I can really relate to the job..there is never a stopping point and it's very detailed.

Like you, one anxious thought leads to many more, and once they start, I can't turn them off.

Lately, I've been trying to journal my thoughts. So far, putting them on paper puts them in perspective for me.

You'll find a lot of good listeners here.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas!

Anxiety can really take over, I am so sorry to hear it. I have gone through a really bad season with anxiety. It caused me to gain weight, my memory was extremely foggy, I was hardly able to do a real job (had to work part-time), I was crying all the time, lost my appetite, lost joy, had lots of panic was really tough. I got on medicine which did end up helping a bit, but am off it now. I might have to one day get back on it, but time will tell! Have you tried going to a counselor? Or some kind of group? Is your job causing you too much stress? I hope you find relief!! I know how bleak it can feel.

So sorry you’re going through this stuff. You know you don’t have to take meds if you don’t want... You should go to your GP and present your worries and get cleared. Whether or not they think your anxious should not worry you. My GP was the same way. I barely switched because she just viewed and also called me a hypochondriac. The sad part is I do have a couple health issues that make me feel this way but I also know that anxiety disorder is crippling. Good luck to you and don’t give up on yourself!

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